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Retired school employees seek answers on several issues


Retired Jeffco employees are presenting some of our major concerns that we would like the Board of Education to clarify for us as well as the Jeffco community:

• Justify why you felt the need to hire Brad Miller as the board attorney, as that has not been done by previous Jeffco school boards.

• Clarify fully the terms of Miller’s contract. Discuss why the majority of his services on his invoices to the district to date have been redacted.

• In hiring the new superintendent, explain why the top priorities of the public were not included in your documents to Ray and Associates.

• Justify why the board did not support the funding of full-day kindergarten for schools with highly impacted (35-percent-plus) students who get free and reduced-cost lunch.

• Explain why the board wants to allow the contract between the district and the Jefferson County Education Association to expire in 2015.

• How are you demonstrating transparency when there is an effort to discuss negotiations in executive session instead of at the board meeting?

• How does the Board of Education plan to include all parents (not just “choice” parents), teachers, administration, students and support staff in decisions that impact Jeffco schools?

• How does the cessation of the appeal over property on Wright Street make good fiscal sense? How do you justify the loss of a $500,000 to $1 million piece of property?

Our combined organizations of retired school employees care deeply about the continued strength of Jefferson County schools. We want to ensure the very best education for all the children in Jeffco.

Robert and Kathleen Zachman

co-presidents, Jeffco Retired School Employees Association

Lorraine Bowen,

retired president,

Jeffco Education Association