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Flashing signs needed to warn of elk on local roads
Regarding the story “Vehicles hit elk herd on Highway 74” by Stephanie DeCamp: I too have witnessed three multi-elk collisions, two in the past two months. While no one likes to see these innocent and majestic animals hit on the highway, especially while risking people’s lives in the process, is there a possible quick and cheap solution? During dusk and nighttime hours, provide temporary speed-limit reductions and use of high beams on designated stretches of road.
Flashing signs placed strategically, alerting drivers of the danger and speed reductions in combination with vehicle high beams for those designated stretches of road, should have a positive and immediate effect. If the signs don’t exist and there is a cost (there are always costs for change), a donation fund for such costs could be created.
P.S. The Canyon Courier is one of the many nice things I enjoy about Evergreen living.
Dwayne Ritchie

A Seahawks fan says thanks for sportsmanship
Dear Broncos fans:
As some of you might know, I work at the front desk of the rec center here in Evergreen, and I’m a lifelong Seahawks fan. It was fun to wear my jersey and joke with all of you in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. You were sure your team would win, and I was pretty confident my team could hold its own.
Then the game happened. It was not pretty. I was thrilled, but I knew most of my neighbors were now frustrated and depressed. I decided I should lie low and just pretend that your really talented team had not just lost that trophy it craved. I tucked away my Seahawks shirts and wore a regulation rec center shirt to work.
I was so pleasantly surprised to find that you fans are just as classy as your iconic quarterback. One after another, you came to my desk and said things like, “Nice game!” and “Your team really played well.” It turned out that you were not mad at me, and my team, you were just frustrated with your team.
I was able to wear my Seahawks shirt to work on a recent Friday because of you — because you recognized that every team has its good days and bad days, and that blaming the fan of the opposing team does nothing to make your team look better. You seem to understand that by being gracious losers, you become winners of a different kind — the kind that counts.
Thank you, Broncos fans. It’s been a fun season, and I look forward to dragging out the team gear once again in August. Win or lose, you make it fun for me.
Judy Berna

Kind residents helped rescue lost dog
The kindness of Evergreen residents never ceases to amaze me. Today my husband, dog and I went to our local rec center to work out and then walk my standard poodle. When we got back to the car, there was not a dog in the back. Panic set in, so we drove home and had a message from Evergreen Animal Hospital that it had our dog.
The dog must have jumped out and we were not aware. A nice lady held my dog, hoping its owner would show up. A dog walker from the hospital offered to take him to the hospital. The story has a very happy ending. We are grateful for the kindness of others.
Mary Carlson