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Tech turns ‘progress’ into de-evolution
Recently my car was almost hit twice, once by an entitled millennial blithely texting while she drove, and once by a hormonally preoccupied cell-phoner possibly arranging a hot date with his girlfriend. I was recently at a mall food court and saw a group of teenagers closely bunched at a table, feverishly texting one another with no words spoken.
Many smart-phone devotees have parked their personal, business, financial and social lives with a fragile and tenuous digital cloud. We go around trying to remember a plethora of passwords just to keep things managed. The ongoing race between hackers and security experts will be endless, and the damaging hackers often have the lead. The government is gobbling up our digital discourse and tells us to trust how it will be used.
To accomplish this wonderful “progress,” we have all become bathed in a continual barrage of electromagnetic cell-tower radiation. Schoolkids with fragile brains that are still in neurological development are heavily zapped with intensive wi-fi for their classroom computers, and we wonder why they get irritable, hyperactive and can’t focus or learn because of brain fog and behavioral problems. Then these kids are labeled ADHD and put on prescription drugs. Where is all this going?
Albert Einstein reportedly made an important observation: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”
Stan Deever
Kudos for successful Skate the Lake
As a resident of the Upper Bear Creek area, I would like to congratulate Jackie Mohr, Drive Smart, EPRD and the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office on having an outstandingly successful event at the Lake House on New Year’s Eve. We’ve been concerned about the dangers of illegal parking on Upper Bear at the larger events held at the lake this past year.
The Drive Smart event on New Year’s Eve was as spectacular as one could get: record attendance, winter break, winter driving conditions, fireworks, New Year’s Eve drivers and celebrators, and a totally successful parking solution with the cooperation and coordination of the above-mentioned parties. Thank you so much! What a lovely evening! And how pleasant it was for those of us whose main ingress and egress is driving by the Lake House.
During all the winter-break ice skating, the signs and traffic cones allowed no unsafe illegal parking on Highway 74 or Upper Bear. It made for a safe parking and driving experience throughout the holiday.
What a wonderful solution for the larger events that people wish to have at the Lake House. No one wants to stop people from enjoying the beauty of the lake, but Drive Smart has taught us all how these large events can also include a park-safe solution.
Thank you so much for your excellent efforts, Jackie et al!
Sandra Slonim