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Kudos for successful Skate the Lake
As a resident of the Upper Bear Creek area, I would like to congratulate Jackie Mohr, Drive Smart, EPRD and the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office on having an outstandingly successful event at the Lake House on New Year’s Eve. We have been concerned about the dangers of illegal parking on Upper Bear at the larger events that have been held at the lake this past year.
The Drive Smart event on New Year’s Eve was as spectacular as one could get: record attendance, winter break, winter driving conditions, fireworks, New Year’s Eve drivers and celebrators, and a totally successful parking solution with the cooperation and coordination of the above-mentioned parties. Thank you so much! What a lovely evening! And how pleasant it was for those of us whose main ingress and egress is driving by the Lake House.
During all the winter break ice skating, the signs and traffic cones allowed no unsafe illegal parking on Highway 74 or Upper Bear. It made for a safe parking and driving experience throughout the holiday.
What a wonderful solution for the larger events that people wish to have at the Lake House. No one wants to stop people from enjoying the beauty of the lake, but Drive Smart has taught us all how these large events can also include a park-safe solution.
Thank you so much for your excellent efforts, Jackie et al!
Sandra Slonim

Thanks, Evergreen residents, for helping to search for lost dog
Thirteen years ago I moved here with my husband and two small children from Newnan, Ga. Newnan is a very small town, and everybody knows everybody and is related to everyone. I was the youngest of six kids and the only one “who moved away.” As you can imagine, I was very scared about leaving the familiar and moving so far away to the unknown.
I am very proud to call Evergreen, Colo., home. I have seen many examples of people helping people in Evergreen and have made so many good friends, including ones that I would consider “family.” This past week was a perfect example of those friends and even acquaintances surrounding our family with support, love and assistance.
On Saturday, Jan. 11, our 8-month-old golden retriever, Maia, bolted from the Evergreen Car Wash near Walmart. It all happened so quickly that I never even saw which way she had gone.  For four days and three nights we searched for her all over the Ruby Ranch, Swede Gulch, Spring Ranch and Chief Hosa area. My daughter and her friend posted all over Facebook, Instagram and multiple social media Maia’s “lost” flier and information. My husband found Maia on Tuesday, Jan. 14, up on the hill behind Wamart just off of I-70 eastbound about 12:30 p.m.
For four days and three nights there were “shared” posts all over the Internet. People I didn’t even know were sending me messages on whom to contact and where to look. I had people texting me messages that they had looked all morning in the different locations that she might have gone. Friends and acquaintances asked me what they could do to help find Maia. The day after Maia had gone missing, I had 10 people meet me at El Rancho to do a search of the Ruby Ranch area.
I cannot begin to list the people who have shared our posts, texted me and asked where they should go look, printed fliers and delivered them all over Evergreen, drove around neighborhoods, walked trails, did everything that we couldn’t do alone! I knew that I lived in a special place, but to see everyone rally around my family really moved us!
Thanks so much to all of you, including our friends back in Georgia! Your prayers and thoughts mean more to us than you can believe!
Tom, Ruth, Tayler and Thomas Warren