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A review of some traffic rules
These are some issues facing area drivers. We have a good number of merge lanes at stop signs and traffic lights. Many people don’t yield when merging onto the road, causing traffic to slow or even stop. It might be a good idea to review some of these rules for many longtime and new drivers.
• Four-way stop: You must yield the right-of-way to the vehicle that reached the intersection first. When more than one vehicle reaches the intersection at the same time, the vehicle on the left must yield the right-of-way and allow the vehicle on the right to go first.
• Changing lanes and passing: You must yield the right-of-way to vehicles already occupying the lane you wish to enter or use for passing. Do not change lanes if another vehicle must slow down for you.
• Merging: You must yield to all vehicles on that roadway. Do not merge if another vehicle must slow down for you.
• Signaling: Before making any turn, whether the turn is into another roadway, a parking lot, another traffic lane, or leaving a parked position, it is extremely important that you signal. Your signal lets other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians know your intentions. Failing to signal is a traffic violation.
Nancy Barish
Jefferson County

The true danger in single-issue recalls
I think it’s important to emphasize the true and real danger to our democracy from these single-issue recall elections.
John Morse won his seat with more than 60,000 votes. He was recalled with fewer than 9,000. This means even a popular elected official can be recalled by a small group of single-issue voters, counting on their enthusiasm for that issue overwhelming the public’s general lack of motivation and malaise about special elections, not to mention the huge amounts of special-interest money coming from outside the state to help pass the recall.
If you extend this concept, it’s easy to envision a government not “of the people” but one serving only a small group of special-interest zealots. To prevent this clear misuse, we need to look at revising the recall requirements and restricting the use of out-of-state money, while assuring the proper use of the recall process for our Colorado citizens.
Jim Carder
Jefferson County