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Rohrer’s view on JFK slaying misses point
While one may not have a quarrel with the title of his column — pablum though it may be — Jim Rohrer’s assertion that “vitriol killed” President Kennedy is rubbish. Narcissism killed the president, as personified in Oswald, John Hinckley, Mark David Chapman and a succession of deluded young men. I suggest Rohrer watch the famous scene in “Taxi Driver” in which Robert DeNiro practices his immortal line — “You looking at me?!” — in a mirror.
How ironic that Rohrer cited Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker as contributing to the alleged atmosphere of violence in Dallas. Is he aware that Oswald attempted to assassinate Gen. Walker several weeks prior to the Kennedy murder? Walker was anti-Castro, as was Kennedy, and Oswald had recently transferred his Marxist affections to Cuba (after his failed defection to the USSR).
It is difficult for many to accept that President Kennedy was killed by a self-obsessed loser, but, tragically, this seems to be a pattern in recent history. Perhaps we should re-examine the notion that “everyone is special,” a staple of modern education. The liberal meme that “Dallas killed Kennedy” because of right-wing intolerance and vitriol is a canard.
Ken Wonstolen