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Keep off-leash dogs away from others


As a frequent user of open space around Evergreen (both Jeffco and Denver parcels), I see a lot of folks with their dogs off leash. Others can debate the propriety, but all I ask is that these off-leash dogs don’t bother other people and/or their dogs.

Many on-leash dogs will be afraid and defensive when other dogs run up to them. Just yelling “They’re friendly!” doesn’t cut it. Please, off-leash dog owners, respect other people/dogs.

Eric Larsen



Results of school board election raise some questions


Re: Conservatives take control of Jefferson County school board, Nov. 13.

My wife and I are fairly new in Jeffco, and while we don’t have any children in school, we did vote for the three losing candidates for the school board.

We’re confused by what the parents in Jeffco apparently want in their schools. Our impression before this election was that parents were pleased with the makeup and direction of the previous school board, especially with the election two years ago of Leslie Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman, and particularly with all the bad publicity about the next-door Douglas County school board. Do the parents in this county want their schools like those in Dougco, with all the strife over vouchers, teacher evaluations and the teachers union?

My understanding is that because Dougco parents voted in their conservative board members, the county is now strapped for cash to support its non-charter public schools and is losing all its best teachers. Why would Jeffco parents want that?

Jack Ekstrom

Jefferson County


New charter school offers a classical approach


I recently became aware of a brand public charter school in Jefferson County and wanted to inform other parents about it. Addenbrooke Classical Academy was approved in November 2013, and was unanimously approved by all five board members. Addenbrooke is the first and only classical education school in Jeffco, and is centrally located in the district and the second school in Colorado to become a certified SMART school.

By utilizing the Trivium in classical instruction, students typically score in the top 10 percent nationally on the ACT. Addenbrooke teaches students through primary sources in their English and history classes. A major motivating principle is to empower students with knowledge and the ability to form their own thoughts and opinions. Charles Wright, founder and principal at Addenbrooke, has a vision to keep the school small, allowing students to receive more personal attention and creating an atmosphere where students form strong bonds with the other students and faculty. This is one of the features my son particularly enjoys.

You can learn more about this new choice we have in Jefferson County at http://www.addenbrookeclassical.com.

Natalie Adams

Jefferson County