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No peach-sale fund-raiser this year
To the mountain community:
Thank you for your continued support of the Rotary Club of Conifer’s peach-sale fund-raiser since 1999.
We are sorry to announce that due to two cycles of freezing and flooding, Palisade peaches are not available this year. Because we use only the best peaches grown in Colorado for our fund-raiser, we are unable to purchase the peaches necessary for this year’s sale.
We are hopeful that next year we will be able to resume our popular peach-sale fund-raiser.
The Conifer Rotary Foundation is still in need of your financial support to continue to contribute to local area nonprofit organizations; including Mt. Evans Hospice, Mountain Peace Shelter, our local public schools in Conifer and Bailey, StageDoor Theatre scholarships, the Mountain Resource Center and many more.
Visit www.rotaryconifer.org for more information about our club.
Our sincere thanks for your continued support.
the Rotary Club of Conifer

Evergreen residents reach out during times of crisis
Thank you, Evergreen!
About 3 p.m. June 3, I had just stopped to visit my mother, who lives at Rocky Mountain Village Estates, when the phone rang. It was my husband, who said that he didn’t want to scare me, but we had received an emergency-notification call to prepare for evacuation. By the time I got home, a mere 20-minute drive, he had all four cats in their carriers and was lifting our senior basset hound into our small SUV.
“We have been ordered to evacuate NOW. There is no time to collect belongings,” he said.
Fortunately, our horse trailer was hooked up. I loaded our two favorite riding horses, and put halters with names and phone numbers on the old horse and the crazy horse. With a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I left the gate open, hoping they would run to the middle of the meadow at Alderfer/Three Sisters Park, where there was still some wet marsh. And then we fled, grabbing the hard drives and bag of essential documents on our way out the door.
We stayed for a few hours at friends’ barn in Kittredge. We even found two beers in his tack room. They were, without a doubt, the best beers we had ever had. We stayed on alert, and were allowed to return to our unharmed home at about 9 p.m.
Although I had pre-arranged our safe haven, as we were escaping I saw numerous fire vehicles, large-animal evacuation rigs, sheriff’s vehicles, and ambulances racing up Buffalo Park Road. My husband commented on how quickly these authorities jumped on the situation. To them, some of whom must have had to evacuate themselves, we offer our deepest gratitude. We also heard from neighbors that they had been taken in by others who live elsewhere in the Evergreen area; dogs, cats, and large animals welcome. We are also grateful for the fine citizens of Evergreen who are so willing to help others out in these situations.
The cost of living in such a beautiful area is that one must be prepared for a wide variety of situations, including wildfire. The benefit is that all of us who live here know this, and reach out to help in any way we can.
Thanks, Evergreen!
Kit Darrow

Chamber says thanks for a successful Kickball Classic
On behalf of the Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce staff, volunteers, and board of directors, I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of our recent Kickball Classic and EXPO event. In addition to creating a strong local economy, one of our main goals is to promote the community. This event achieved both while providing an opportunity for “FUN-draising“.
Your chamber is a nonprofit 501 c(6), and part of our budget depends on fund-raising in addition to membership dues. The Kickball Classic and EXPO was designed to take the place of our previous golf tournament. We are extremely pleased that this event was a success. Several teams came out to compete, and terrific members stepped up as vendors to share their services.
The weather was perfect, and the Marshdale Fields proved to be an ideal location. This event could not have happened without the support of our community, our members, our volunteers, our sponsors and our vendors. Thank you also to Evergreen Park and Recreation District for your collaboration.
Thanks for a great day!
Anyone interested in serving on a Chamber committee to be a part of events like this is encouraged to call us at 303-674-3412.
Lin Browning
president, CEO
Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce

Jeffco’s marijuana moratorium lets black market continue to operate
In response to Jeffco Commissioner Donald Rosier’s concerns with regard to marijuana regulation, I would like to point out some of the more important details that seem to have been overshadowed. My credentials for responding to these concerns are not that of a pot user, or even a medical marijuana patient, but are from a perspective of a scientist.
One of Rosier’s concerns was, “How do we regulate this product?” Good question, but I think an even better question is, “How does the county currently regulate marijuana?” If marijuana already exists within the county and will soon be more easily accessible just outside the county, how is turning a blind eye to this problem by prohibiting legalized pot businesses to be established going to help? Isn’t it better for the county to simply adopt state regulations rather than ban the sale of legalized marijuana?
When Rosier asks questions about potency (THC concentration), this is the same question I ask and the reason for my interest and laboratory. As a 25-year veteran analytical chemist who has overseen chemical analysis for the EPA and for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, I can determine the potency of any marijuana product. Testing will be required by state law and not only for THC but also for safety (things you don’t want in the product like solvents, toxins or pesticides). Marijuana law is currently being established to require better testing than what is required for alcohol or cigarettes — hence, a safer product (free of toxins) than most consumables currently available at your corner market.
As a chemist, an entrepreneur and advocate, my part in this revolution is establishing a testing facility. By requiring laboratory testing to be independent and unbiased, the state assures all conflict of interest is avoided. Unfortunately, because Jefferson County has banned all retail marijuana businesses (including testing laboratories) essentially, Jefferson County commissioners are enabling an already-existing black market to continue selling an inferior and potentially dangerous product to an unsuspecting public. Hence, it’s not a matter of saying, “Let’s see how this goes for another year,” but instead Jeffco is turning away from public support of legalization and saying let’s stick with the status quo. Yet the answer is actually simpler than that: If Jeffco does not want to establish its own regulations, it could easily adopt soon-to-be-established state regulations. It’s really kind of a “no-brainer.”
Joseph Evans
Evergreen resident

Kickball Classic committee did a great job
I want to commend Lin Browning and her team, as well as the Kickball Classic EXPO committee. You guys did a great job on the kickball tournament. I believe it brought awareness to the organization and allowed a lot of people to have fun.
Lisa Austin
Leadership Evergreen board of directors

EPRD offers thanks
Thanks to the folks in the community who supported the Kickball Classic. Fun was had by all!
The Evergreen Park and Recreation District enjoys collaborating with local organizations to promote Evergreen and our local businesses. A big thanks to Heart Cameron, EPRD parks supervior, and his crew for all their assistance.
Ellen O’Connor
manager of recreation
Evergreen Park and Rec District

Selective facts, an unproven case
Glenn Wallace Sr. wrote a letter admitting he is a liberal and therefore criticizing Rob Witwer for comparing Obama with Nixon.
As with most libs, Wallace uses selective facts to “prove his case.” He states that Obama “renounced actions of the IRS immediately.” Well, at least as soon as the public found out; and only a couple low-level employees in one office.
But how about the 165 times that Sarah Ingram, the head of the IRS tax exempt division, visited the White House, personally meeting with Obama at least six times?
And as far as stonewalling and cover-up goes, the truth of Benghazi has yet to be made public.
Deflect all you want, Wallace; it’s a lib tactic. But I would suggest you wait until the suppressed truth becomes public before you make any more assertions. Otherwise, you will be looking like the Nixon/Agnew defenders who blamed overzealous reporting for sullying the reputation of “those noble politicians.”
Larry De Cicco