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Thanks for help with town hall meeting
The Evergreen Pathfinders wish to thank all of the financial supporters, speakers and guests who made the first Evergreen town hall meeting a huge success. Thank you to those who set up chairs, baked cookies, provided the sound and video equipment, and cleaned up afterward.
The goal of our eight entertaining speakers was to report on the most important activities occurring within their organizations that directly affect our Evergreen residents.
According to the response in our exit surveys, this mission was accomplished. Some of the respondents were pleased with the information on more activities in Evergreen, Jefferson County and the state than they could have imagined … and all in one place.
All of the surveys and comments from the audience said “Great start!” and “When is the next meeting?” The Pathfinders took notice and will hold another meeting in the fall of 2013.
Jim Gorman
Evergreen Pathfinders

McCasky’s pleas for county funds are absurd and hypocritical
Anyone who’s followed Kevin McKasky’s career knows he’s a conservative. In addition to keeping government small, one credo of conservatism is the belief that government cannot create jobs — only businesses can. It’s absurd on its face, of course. Thousands of Coloradans work for local, state and federal governments. Thousands more work because of government loans, grants and contracts, especially in the education and defense industries.
As head of the Jeffco Economic Development Corp., former county commissioner McCasky keeps asking county government for money. Refused an added $100,000 this year, he’s now asking for a full-time county employee to work for the EDC.
He says he will give back to the county an employee with a “higher level of understanding and appreciation of how economic development and job retention and job creation is really undertaken in the private sector.” Evidently, this is undertaken with a tidy investment of money and work by county government and the taxpayers who fund it.
If he were a true conservative, he would be embarrassed to ask taxpayers for anything, let alone when showing that only the private sector can develop the economy and create jobs.
As a liberal, I believe the public, private and not-for-profit sectors work best when working together to solve problems, including developing businesses and jobs.
Because of his conservative claims, I have to ask McCasky why he is not passing the EDC’s hat to raise the $100,000 from Jeffco chamber of commerce and county businesses? Why is government the go-to place for money, or a government employee’s sweat equity? How does coming to government for money show anybody that the private sector is the only proper sector for developing business and jobs?
As I said, the claim is absurd. This hypocrisy is just more proof.
Robert Sampron

Witwer’s comparison is ludicrous
I frequently enjoy reading Rob Witwer’s opinion editorials, even though I rarely agree with him. This time, however, he has stepped over the line into lunacy by comparing the IRS situation to Nixon’s Watergate and the 1950s McCarthy Communist witch hunts becore Congress.
There is no comparison of the Nixon Watergate scandal with the IRS debacle. The Watergate break-in was planned by President Nixon and his advisers and carried out by his associates. President Obama neither knew about, planned or supported the IRS decision to grill Tea Party applicants for tax status.
The break-in at the Democratic National Headquarters at Watergate in Washington, D.C., demonstrated an attempt by the Nixon White house to silence all critics, abort the free election process in the USA, use the executive branch of the federal government for illegal searches and seizures, and to obtain information illegally and criminally.
The Watergate break-in and the following cover-up by the Nixon White House demonstrated a leadership demagoguery executive branch corruption never seen before in USA history. The IRS situation showed no such attempt by the Obama White house.
To compare the IRS situation to the McCarthy Communist witch hunt and destruction of the careers of innocent people by Republican Sen. Joe. McCarthy in the 1950s is absolutely astounding, since the IRS has not attempted to destroy the lives and careers of innocent people in hearings before  Congress and played out in the national press.
Furthermore, as egregious ethically and morally as the IRS debacle was, it nowhere has undermined the institutions of the U.S. government and its separation of powers as did the McCarthy hearings and the Watergate scandal.
Courier readers desire more from a former state representative than from former Republican repsesentative Rob Witwer in this op-ed piece!
As a side note, to allow a Republican conservative to have frequent opinion editorials in the Courier without allowing opinion editorials by the liberal opposition shows a political bias. Both sides should be given equal billing.
Cal Johnston
Jefferson County