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School district’s plan to use ‘cloud’ storage for student data invites disaster
Jefferson County Schools has decided to put all student personal information in a national database called “inBloom.” It has done this secretly without any prior input from parents and taxpayers.
This database is “cloud”-based and is not secure. The owners deny any responsibility or liability for leaks while transferring or storing data. This is preposterous, to say the least. This will put students’ identities in a database that can be hacked, and they feel this is OK? Unbelievable! Data will be shared across states and with service providers that Jeffco schools feel is OK. Without parental permission or knowledge.
If parents want their children’s data given to third-party vendors it should be their decision, not the schools’. You have teachers saying they have to go to different databases now to get student information. This will save them so much time. Well, I ask you, why are teachers even constantly accessing students’ private information?  
Do we have even one independent-thinking, non-self-serving individual on the Jeffco school board who can see the huge potential here for misuse?
Maureen Sielaff
Jefferson County

Teachers union using our tax money for its lobbying efforts
I find it interesting that the CEA, the largest and most powerful union in Colorado, is bragging about fleecing Colorado taxpayers.
The article in their Journal states that the CEA killed nine PERA defined-benefit bills last session but had only two bills to kill this session.
I guess the millions of your tax dollars used to hire lobbyists are paying off.
It’s comforting to know that we are being fleeced with our own money.
The billions of dollars of PERA unfunded liabilities will have to come from somewhere, and the last big piggybank will be our property taxes.
The next time you hear this new tax increase that the school is asking for is for the children, ask yourself then why, in 2014, will millions of dollars of the Jefferson County school budget be going to fund the Public Employees’ Retirement Association?
Jim Kerr
Jefferson County

Fool us thrice?
Where, but in the legislature’s grandiose school-funding schemes, does the ditty “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” apply today?
Do you remember when, a decade ago, the Jeffco Board of Education asked voters for a tax increase to improve student achievement, with the promise to return that money if the results were unchanged? Fooled once!
Do you remember that when the effort failed and the refund was due, the school board promoted a ballot issue that purported to return the money, where either a yes or a no vote on the method of return enabled the district to keep the taxpayers money? Fooled twice!
So, given Jeffco’s failure, why should the voters be fooled thrice into thinking that they would see any change in achievement results if a mere billion dollars was thrown at the educational establishment?
Shouldn’t success be followed by the reward, as is done in the private sector?
Or, rather, shouldn’t the educational funds follow the student as he chooses his path to success?
Russell W. Haas