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Recall is being pushed over a single non-issue


On behalf of the Committee to Save the Evergreen Fire Rescue District — No Recall, here is our new website detailing why we oppose the recall: www.no-recall.org. Simply stated, the small group of Evergreen residents petitioning to recall the exceptionally qualified Evergreen Fire Protection District board of directors is gambling with the future of the highly effective 91-member life-safety-trained Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department over the equivalent of 36 hours of burning each year … using fireplace wood. We believe this gamble directly threatens our highly effective Evergreen Fire/Rescue and its ability to provide ambulance, rescue and fire services for the district and all surrounding areas.  

 The Evergreen volunteer firefighters passed a resolution on Jan. 28, 2013, unanimously supporting the current board and opposing the recall.  It states:

“The members of the Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department (EVFD) express their full support and appreciation to all of the directors of the Evergreen Fire Protection District board. We strongly oppose the potential recall of these directors and feel that such a recall would jeopardize the safety of the community, including ambulance, rescue and fire responses. The members of EVFD fully support the Committee to Save the Evergreen Fire Rescue District — No Recall, an issues committee established to oppose the recall election.”

Again, the recall is over a single issue — 36 hours of burning per year using the same firewood you burn in your fireplace. It’s that simple. Oppose the recall.

Michelle Parker

designated filing agent

Committee to Save the Evergreen Fire Rescue District — No Recall


Fire board failed to live up to its fiduciary responsibility


As a returning previous resident of Evergreen, I find the Evergreen fire district’s recent decision regarding the burn building and the effort to recall the board most interesting. Having served as a volunteer and elected member on many community boards, I am quite aware of the responsibilities required of these board members. High on the list, if not the highest, is the fiduciary responsibility. 

When you are dealing with taxpayers’ funds, something our current president and Congress have not yet acknowledged, you need to be very, very cautious and, most importantly, responsible. After studying this proposal and attending the board’s final hearing (and, by the way, it appears the decision was made prior to the hearing), it should be quite clear that this project at a cost of $500,000 is not a financially viable project and will have an extremely poor rate of return. I would dare say that if each of the board members was required to put up his own personal funds for this project, all would have voted not to proceed; nor would any privately funded group or corporation. When it is somebody else’s money (the taxpayers’), it’s not a problem: spend, spend, spend.

It should be quite clear to the most novice of voters that the fire district board did not act in a fiduciary-responsible way regarding the approval of the funding for this project. For that reason and that reason alone, this board should be recalled.

As to the comment that it is not simple to find replacement fire board members, hogwash. One does not need to know anything about how to run a fire district or a water and sanitation district or a recreation district or a school district to be a member of a business decision making group of responsible caring citizens.

But what do I know, I’ve only been a board member for 41 years.

Jim Akin



Petition signers should pay for recall election


Enough, already! 

The 450 signers of the petition to recall the fire board members should have to pay for the recall they want. At an estimated $70,000, that would be approximately $155.55 per signer. Cough up, people! Anyone who votes against the recall or does not sign the petition should not have to pay for it. 

These people who want the recall think it is so simple to find replacement fire board members; it is not. They should be grateful the current fire board members are not only willing to serve, but also are capable and experienced. 

No doubt the Evergreen fire district knows how many resident homes and businesses it serves; I doubt these 450 signers make up a very big percentage of the district. Stop talking and whining, and let the fire department get on with construction of the training building!

Of course, what do I know, since I have only lived in Evergreen for 41 years!

Sally Korff



Republicans are inconsistent on constitutional rights


Republicans tout their support for constitutional rights, including voting and arms. On voting, they routinely promote plans to purge voter lists and institute what are often interpreted as “poll taxes,” thus supporting limited rights. However, on arms, they accept absolutely no limits. No background checks or payment therefor, no assault weapons limits, no limit on high-capacity magazines (no common sense). Why the difference?

Perhaps the Founding Fathers never envisioned nuclear arms when they wrote “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” So, why aren’t Republicans clamoring for their own personal nuclear deterrent? Anyone who wants to play with weapons of mass destruction should join the military or law enforcement and support a “well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state.” The two phrases were never intended to be independent or taken out of context.

Greg Scott



Charity League says thanks for support at fund-raiser


The Colorado Foothills Chapter of the National Charity League thanks everyone who supported our fund-raiser at the TNT Restaurant in Morrison on Jan. 30. 

The staff at TNT could not have been kinder, and all of our guests who purchased tickets for a delicious dinner and extra dessert treats were as delightful to serve as our girls were in serving them. The funds earned will support our area philanthropies, for whom our mother-daughter members volunteer throughout the year. It was a great success, thanks to our many family and friends, as well as our hard-working girls.

the Colorado Foothills Chapter/NCL