Opponents to fire board recall gathering support

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By Sandy Barnes

Evergreen resident Charlie Neppell is spearheading an initiative to oppose the recall of fire district board members.

"In less than a week since the filing of the petitions to recall all five of the directors of the board of the Evergreen Fire/Rescue district, a number of citizens from diverse areas of the district have expressed their strong view that this recall needs to be opposed vigorously," Neppell stated.

Neppell and other residents who support the fire district board members have formed a committee to oppose the recalls.

The group, called the Committee to Save the Evergreen Fire Rescue District – No Recall, has been registered with the Election Division of the Colorado secretary of state.

Neppell said a core group of lead officers in the Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department is forming a steering committee to gather support for the fire board members in the recall election.

While advocating for the fire district board members, the no-recall committee will also explore issues around the proposed fire training facility at Station 2, which prompted the recall, Neppell said.

The five recall petitions containing 450 signatures were filed on Jan. 4 with paralegal Micki Wadhams, who was appointed to manage the election. The Evergreen fire district will pay for the election, which is estimated to cost between $70,000 and $200,000, depending on whether there are mail-in ballots or residents go to polls to vote.


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