Nick's Pro Fitness buys Evergreen Fitness Center

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By Stephen Knapp

On the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 29, Sherman Wenger of the Evergreen Fitness and Tennis Center sat down with Nick and Heather Kapande of Nick’s Pro Fitness. Documents were produced, signatures applied and, by sundown, the Evergreen Fitness and Tennis Center had become Nick’s Pro Fitness.

“We’re really excited,” Nick says. “We’ll have more space and more fun things to do.”

For now, Nick and his devoted clientele will remain at their 5,000-square-foot digs in the Evergreen Village Center, and his and Heather’s newly purchased 16,000-square-foot fitness center will operate much as before. On April 1, Nick’s Pro Fitness and its 110 clients will vacate the Meadow Drive location and fold into the approximately 500 members currently enrolled at Evergreen Fitness. Even then, longtime Evergreen Fitness — now Nick’s Pro Fitness — patrons needn’t fear any great disruption in their normal fitness routines.

“We’re going to keep it pretty much the same — business as usual,” Nick says. “Heather will be the general manager, and we’ll make some improvements — the place has been neglected for a while — but people can still come and do their own thing, work out, lift weights, just like before.”

In fact, since opening its doors 10 years ago, the Kapandes’ fitness enterprise has led a semi-nomadic existence, and Nick and Heather have been scouting real estate since Day 1.

“This has always been part of the long-term future plan for Nick’s Pro Fitness,” Nick explains. “I wasn’t looking for a business; I was looking for a building.”

The fact that Evergreen Fitness happened to be available at the right time and the right (undisclosed) price was pure serendipity.

“I’ve been watching the fitness center for a year now, and when they lowered the price, we decided it was time. I like the idea that it’s already a health club, and I like the wide-open rooms with high ceilings. They’ll be great for our retractable batting cages.”

Beyond that, the Kapandes are simply glad to be able to preserve a local asset.

“It’s about community, and I’m just glad we were able to save it,” Nick says. “We’re going to bring a positive energy to the center and make it a great place to work out.”

Evergreen Fitness and Tennis Center patrons and others are invited to meet with Nick and Heather Kapande during a reception to be held at the center between 5 and 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 8.