Mountains Taxi gets business rolling

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

If you need a ride somewhere in the foothills or to Denver International Airport, a new business here can help out.


Ralph Collins is the self-proclaimed taxi guy at Mountains Taxi, a taxi service that will take people practically anywhere in the foothills. Mountains Taxi is licensed by the Public Utilities Commission to serve a 400-square-mile area bounded loosely from C-470 to Bailey and Conifer to Blackhawk. In addition, the service provides regional transportation to the mountains or DIA.

Collins, who has lived in the Evergreen-Conifer area for 26 years, said he created the taxi service to fulfill a community need for private transportation.

“People have talked about the need for a taxi service for years,” Collins said. “It was time for someone to fill that need.”

Did your car break down and you need a ride to work? Mountains Taxi can provide it.

Did you drink too much at a local establishment? Mountains Taxi will drive you home.

Do you need your prescription picked up at the store? The taxi service can do that, too.

Collins said all trips are provided in complete confidence. “All of my calls are the greatest stories never told,” Collins said. “I pick up people in a wide variety of situations. Every trip is made in confidence.”

He said he hopes the community will become aware of the convenience his service can provide.

Trip prices — which are also regulated by the PUC — can be found at www.mountainstaxi.com.

Evergreen stores reviewed in book on shopping

Eight Evergreen clothing stores have been featured in the second edition of the book “A Fashion-Lover’s Guide to the Best Shopping in Denver and Beyond.”

The stores are Angela’s Shoes, Bits & Pieces Clothing, Bleachers, Crave consignment shop, Girlfriends, Marmalade Gifts and Jewelry, V’s Casuals and What a Girl Wants.

The book, available at major bookstores, reviews 220 boutiques, department stores and national chains.

With tight budgets and limited time, the book makes it easy to find holiday gifts for all budgets.

Satellite-dish covers help prevent snow-related outages

Recent snowfalls may have looked beautiful, but they also may have played havoc with your television satellite dish.

If losing your signal because of the snow is an issue, Evergreen resident Art Onweller of Foothills Products may have the answer.

Onweller has invented special cloth covers for satellite dishes that allow the signal to go through the snow and bounce back to the receiver. No matter how much it snows, the satellite dish still works, he says.

“It seems like the only time we lose signal is when it’s the last minutes of the fourth quarter of a Broncos game,” Onweller said. “That’s not the time you want to lose signal, especially if your dish is on the roof.”

He said his device is simple but effective. It’s also easy to install.

Depending on the type of dish, the cost is between $70 and $80. He said he knows that sounds expensive, but the cloth is very expensive. The fabric is purchased from a Commerce City distributor, and the covers are sewn locally.

Having one might save you a trip to the roof to clean the snow from your satellite dish.

For information, contact Onweller at 303-674-9559.

Nuchols, Patrick honored for dedication to work, community

Two foothills businesswomen were honored recently for their contributions to family, community and the workplace during 2008.

Melanie Nuchols, president of the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, and Denise Patrick, of Re/Max Alliance and Mountain Peace Shelter in Pine, were honored at the Celebrate Women event sponsored by the West Chamber serving Jefferson County.

Honorees received a special recognition and a check to donate to their favorite charities. Over the last six years, 65 women have been honored, and more than 60 charities have benefited from this event.

Nuchols is an entrepreneur, community leader, artist, fitness trainer and former actress. She has served in Evergreen Chamber positions for 18 years. She is also actively involved in numerous community organizations, from the Evergreen Animal Protective League to the Jefferson Economic Council.

"Finding the balance between your personal life and career opens the door to accomplish goals and challenges with confidence and peace of mind,” Nuchols said. “I refer to this as 'women's wisdom.' "

Patrick is president of the board of directors of Mountain Peace Shelter, which is a healing place for survivors. The shelter focuses on creating peace in the community. She is also an award-winning Realtor with RE/MAX Alliance in Conifer and a leader in many professional and community organizations, including Business Women Empowered Everyday, a group dedicated to entrepreneurial women.

When asked what advice she would offer, Patrick says: "Just be there. Be there for your work, as it fills your life. Be there for your community, as it enriches your life. Be there for your loved ones, as it completes your life."

Have tips about businesses in Evergreen? Contact Evergreen resident Deb Hurley Brobst at deb@evergreenco.com.