Many in the community still need help

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. No, relax, I’m not going to ply you with Lombardi-isms this week, but when I saw pleas for help from two area nonprofits in the last week, I found myself thinking about the need for us to dig down and support people in need in our community. It made me think of the kind of inspirational speech the coach of the Green Bay Packers would have given to his team while I was growing up.
Both the Mountain Resource Center and AT HOME have begun emergency fund-raising to continue their missions of providing help to area families who are at risk.
AT HOME has spent the last five years working to create viable, affordable housing for individuals and families in need. The organization has established a $20,000 fund-raising goal to continue its work of making transitional housing available for people in need while they establish or re-establish themselves.
The Mountain Resource Center finds its resources are stretched beyond capacity after serving more than 2,500 clients with housing assistance and help with bills for utilities, food, transportation and prescriptions during 2011. Unless MRC is able to raise $30,000 by the end of next month, it will be unable to continue to provide services to the people who come for help.
While we seem to be emerging from the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, many people in our community are still in need of help. If you’re able, please consider supporting them through AT HOME, MRC or the charity of your choice. Contributions to AT HOME can be sent to P.O. Box 415, Evergreen, CO 80437. Donations to MRC can be made at www.rrcco.org or 11030 Kitty Drive, Conifer, CO 80433.
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Another way to give to our community is through Gov. John Hickenlooper’s TBD Colorado initiative.
TBD (which stands for “To be Determined”) Colorado is the governor’s bottom up-approach to address the most important issues facing our state. There are 40 regions throughout the state. Each of the regions will have 40 members who will help develop the agenda in meetings in April and May. After that, there will be public summits in June. To learn more about the program, to nominate yourself to be one of the 40 people from your region or to find out about the summit meetings, visit http://www.tbdcolorado.org” www.tbd

Greg Romberg is president of Romberg and Associates, a government relations and public affairs firm. He lives in Evergreen with his wife, Laurie, and three daughters.