Lost, then found

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Blitz is back home after spending 44 days on the lam near Mount Falcon

By Beth Potter

Blitz is back home.

Denverite Kate Townsend was reunited with her small black Lab on April 1 after a family in the neighborhood south of Mount Falcon took Blitz in. The dog had been lost lost for 44 days, since she chased a deer Feb. 16 while Townsend was hiking with friends at Mount Falcon Open Space.

A month later, Blitz had started hanging around Monica Seider’s home on High Drive south of Mount Falcon. The family often leaves table scraps out for foxes, which attracted the dog’s attention, Seider said. Her daughter, Autumn Rader, 16, was able to coax the dog inside with food and kind words.

“She was very skinny. We fed her and cleaned her up, and she was doing better just a couple of hours later,” Seider said.

The family put up a “found dog” sign with a picture in the yard, which was seen by a passer-by who had been involved with the search. That person called Towsend. Townsend was able to identify herself as the owner of Blitz by telling Seider that the dog had an aqua-blue collar.

Townsend then drove to Seider’s home and had a joyful reunion with her dog.

“When I heard her little bark, I knew it was her,” Townsend said. “She’s quite a trouper.”

Townsend and her friends had called for Blitz and mounted an extensive search the day she disappeared, to no avail. Over the next couple of weeks, Townsend put up posters along Parmalee Gulch Road in Indian Hills and registered on the “Find Toto” website, which uses reverse-phone-call technology to contact residents in an area where a dog is lost. She also posted lost-dog information on a Facebook site for Labs.

Numerous people called with tips, but none panned out until recently, Townsend said. Each time she got a tip, Townsend would rush up to the Mount Falcon parking lot from Denver, only to find that the person making the report had seen the dog just in passing.

“We never gave up hope, even though it was pretty discouraging,” Townsend said.

Townsend, 23, adopted Blitz from Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue two years ago. The recently recovered Blitz has been to the vet is being treated for a case of ringworm.