Life lesson is all it’s cracked up to be

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Bergen Meadow kindergartners watch chicks hatch

By Deb Hurley Brobst

Bergen Meadow kindergartners learned about biology and life on a farm by watching eggs hatch into tiny chicks for the past few weeks.

The first chick pecked its way out of its egg on April 29, and the children were enthralled with the sight of new life.

Hatching eggs is an annual event at Bergen Meadow, and older students get excited as they relive the time when the eggs hatched in their kindergarten classrooms.

Peggy Miller, the school’s principal, even donned a chicken hat that morning to signal the event.

This year, families could watch the incubator live online via the egg-to-chick cam, and the chicks still can be seen moving around their enclosure at www.ustream.tv/channel/egg-to-chick-cam.

Comments from families range from “This is so cool” to descriptions of what they saw.

The children learn what happens to the embryo as it develops in the egg and how the chick pecks its way out of the shell. They keep journals with details about changes in the 10 eggs in the incubator.

The children were excited to relate chick facts — such as, a chick needs to peck on the shell about a thousand times before it breaks through, and that it takes 21 days for the chick to develop.

The yolk, the students said, is food for the chick as it grows, and they’ve been calling the yolk “Yolk Soopers.”

“We go to King Soopers for our food,” explained kindergarten teacher Irene Grundin, who has taught at Bergen for 24 years. “The chicks go to Yolk Soopers.”

The eggs come from someone in the area who raises chickens for eggs. Grundin says they keep the chicks for a couple of weeks before returning them.

“It seems like (Evergreen) parents give our kids such wonderful opportunities to enrich their lives,” Grundin said, “but most children have not seen a chick hatch. It’s an experience we can provide for them.”

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