Kids practice well-rounded activity

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Children learn bubbles are the best in class at Hiwan Museum

By Deb Hurley Brobst

Lots and lots of bubbles constituted the theme of a two-hour class attended by more than a half-dozen children last week.

The kids played with bubble makers and soap at the Hiwan History Museum, creating huge bubbles, tiny bubbles, square bubbles and triangle bubbles. They learned how to catch them and put their arms through them — all while being outdoors and having fun.

Although bubble making was entertaining for the youngsters, it was a learning opportunity, too.

Instructors Dale Devine and Joan Ball, along with two teenage helpers, taught the kids how to create bubble makers out of string and straws.

They also read a book called “Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop.”

“It’s amazing how this keeps them busy,” Ball said. “It’s a simple activity, but it’s fun and interesting.”

Devine was happy that the children, all in kindergarten through fourth grade, could use their imaginations.

You could hear the children exclaiming about their bubble prowess as they put a lot of soap on their hands so they could catch the bubbles. They used a variety of bubble-making gadgets that filled a picnic table.

“Dry hands make the bubbles pop,” said Gabby, 9, from Arvada.

Sophie Rozman, 6, from Evergreen, explained that there was air inside the bubble, and if the gas pops, then the bubble pops, too.

The children go home with a recipe to make their own bubble soap, which is simply dishwashing liquid, water and Karo syrup.

Devine says she’s taught the bubble-making class in past summers, and she likes to practice on her deck before the class begins.

Actually, she says, it’s an excuse to be outside blowing bubbles, a fun and silly pastime, no matter what your age.

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Workshops for kids

Hiwan Homestead Museum has three more workshops planned for children in kindergarten through fourth grade. All programs are from 9 to 11 a.m. at the museum, 4208 S. Timbervale Drive in Evergreen. Cost is $4. To register, call 720-497-7650.

• Dig it! Archaeology for Kids will be Thursday, July 26. Children will delve into the past and learn how archaeologists uncover secrets.

• Suminagashi! Japanese paper crafts will be Thursday, Aug. 2. Suminagashi is the ancient Japanese art of paper marbling. Make your own unique marbled paper to cover a favorite book or diary.

• Mad about Mining! will be Thursday, Aug. 9. Children will pan for gold and discover the fun of the 1880s Bear Creek Store and its mining exhibits.