Kids, commuters affected by storm

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By The Staff

Whether the two-day snowstorm that dropped more than a half-foot of winter across the mountain area on March 16 and 17 constituted a bane or a boon is a matter of perspective.

For dozens of Conifer and Evergreen commuters, putting their trip into Gotham in the hands of professionals afforded no advantage over those who dared the slushy trip solo. Before 9 a.m. Monday, three RTD regional buses got themselves stuck on snow-slick mountain roads, including one in Aspen Park and two in Evergreen. A mighty coach that skated into the ditch on Meadow Drive in Evergreen was finally hauled out by an oversized wrecker about 10:30 a.m.

By contrast, children attending Parmalee Elementary School had every reason to celebrate the inconvenient weather. Thanks to over-weighted electrical lines, large areas of Kittredge and Indian Hills lost power early Monday, prompting Parmalee officials to declare that rarest of childhood windfalls, a snow day. Though power was restored shortly after 10 a.m., it came too late to spoil the kids’ winter fun.