Kids: Cherish your youth

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By Dan Johnson

Do you want to know how my weekend was?

Do you really want to know?

OK, I’ll tell you.

If this tells you anything, the highlight was installing a new toilet.

As a new home owner, tackling any home-improvement project (within reason, mind you) is something that, these days, I look forward to.

I honestly never thought I’d say that.

I always thought my weekends would be filled with fun, sports-related activities. If I wasn’t out somewhere throwing around a football, shooting a basketball, hitting a golf ball or taking a Muay Thai class, I was plastered to the recliner taking in all the action on my television screen.

Now, times for me have changed. I have things to do that don’t involve sports.

Is it fun? Parts of it are, yes.

Is it what I want to be doing? Absolutely not.

Although the more house work I do, the more I’m thinking that perhaps house cleaning should be an Olympic sport. If the trampoline can get in the Olympics, why not some Pine-Sol?

Anyway, the point (there is a point, don’t worry) to all this is that you should always cherish the time you have doing something you love.

So, all you high school-age kids that are preparing to lace up your shoes and buckle your chin straps as the fall sports season approaches, do your best to soak in everything and anything related to your specific sports.

Don’t complain about having to practice after school. Enjoy all the team-bonding functions and, most importantly, remember that the games are just that — games.

Before long, all the fun you are having will be a distant memory (trust me, that time will be here before you know it), and you’ll be stuck spending your Saturday afternoons at Home Depot flipping through carpet patterns and paint swatches.

Not that that isn’t enjoyable on some level.

But, if I had to choose, I’d much rather be outside smelling the freshly cut grass as I watch the odometers click by on the handlebars of my mountain bike.

Dan Johnson is the sports editor for Evergreen Newspapers. Contact him at 303-933-2233, ext. 15, or by e-mail at sports@evergreenco.com.