Java Groove expanding hours, offerings

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

After five months as owners of one of Evergreen’s popular coffee-shop hangouts, Rhonda and Patrick Payer continue to enjoy being part of downtown.

The Payers are the owners of Java Groove, and downtown Evergreen is the best place to be, according to Rhonda.

“We’re in such a wonderful location,” she said. “We have people come in who are local and people who drive up from down the hill.”

Business has been so good that the Payers are expanding their hours into the evening. Starting this week, the coffee shop is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends.

“We’ve had requests from the community (to be open later), and Pat and I have discovered that there aren’t a lot of places to go in the evenings. We think people might want to come in, relax, grab a bite to eat, and sit back and relax.”

Since taking over the business Nov. 10, the Payers have added free WiFi, expanded the breakfast and lunch menu, and added truffles to the dessert offerings. They are also selling Jackie’s Java coffee beans. In addition, the Payers hope to bring live music to Java Groove.

Java Groove is their first foray into owning a coffee shop, though Rhonda has worked in different capacities in restaurants before.

The couple moved with their children from Iowa to Evergreen almost a year ago looking for a business to buy. They had driven through the area before and fell in love with Evergreen, so “this is where we landed,” Rhonda said.

Beaver Brook Pet Center plans open house May 16

Beaver Brook Pet Center is planning an open house Saturday, May 16, to welcome current and new clients into the full-service veterinary clinic.

The facility, at 77 Elmgreen Lane near Interstate 70 and the Beaver Brook/Floyd Hill exit, has been operating for more than 10 years. In addition to general veterinary services, it offers such services as animal boarding, acupuncture, Chinese herbs to supplement Western medicine and digital dental exams, according to Kevin McHugh, manager of the practice.

Veterinarian David Manobla is no stranger to Evergreen. Before opening Beaver Brook, he owned Hiwan Animal Hospital.

According to McHugh, Beaver Brook is active in the Evergreen community. For example, clinic representatives were at LiveSmart Day last week at Evergreen Middle School.

Community involvement is the key to the clinic’s success, McHugh said.

The clinic is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Visit the website at www.beaverbrookpetcenter.com or call 303-670-0838.

Photo parties make fun party, good business opportunity

Here’s an idea both for moms looking for additional income and for people looking for a unique party.

Cooksey Keepsakes offers photo parties in someone’s home very much like jewelry or cookware parties.

Evergreen resident Christine Gaber has just begun her Cooksey Keepsake business, and she says it’s perfect from moms looking for additional income. As a photographic consultant, she coordinates the photo parties and lines up the portrait photographer. After the photos are taken, she helps host the keepsake party when families look at the proofs and order portraits.

Gaber, who has a 3-year-old daughter, says it’s a great business for moms, and the company is looking for more consultants.

A photo party is great for people who want to get portraits of their children. Gaber said that 15-minute sessions are scheduled, and since it’s done in a home that is familiar to the children, they tend to be more relaxed and the photos are more natural.

Next year, Gaber wants to try prom photo parties, where prom couples gather at someone’s house for photos.

To help kick off Cooksey Keepsakes, Gaber is planning a fund-raiser to benefit the American Cancer Society on May 2 at the Quality Suites in El Rancho. The $10-per-child sitting fee will be donated to the charity, in addition to 20 percent of all photo sales.

For information about the charity event or to discuss a photo party, contact Gaber at 303-928-9089 or visit www.cookseykeepsakes.com/cgaber.

Tutor Doctor offers in-home school help

If your child is struggling in school or seems to need just a bit of extra help, an Evergreen company might be able to help.

Tutor Doctor has been around for 10 years but has only been in Evergreen since February. The concept is simple: rather than taking your child to a tutor or learning center for extra help, the tutor comes to you.

“It’s a one-on-one, personalized tutoring service in the student’s home,” said Rob Spence, who owns the company with his wife, Shannon. Shannon is a teacher at Bergen Meadow Preschool.

The program begins with a one-hour consultation to discuss the student’s needs.

“We sit down with the student and the parents and really make sure that everyone understands the needs … and everybody commits to the process,” Rob Spence said. “We try to understand what the short-term and long-term goals of the student are.”

As with any educational program, Spence said he is looking for buy-in from both parents and student.

In addition to educational goals, Spence also looks at the personality and learning style of the student, so he can match an appropriate tutor.

“We look at our roster of incredible tutors,” he said. “Not only can we make a great match academically but a great match from a personality standpoint.”

Spence said about 80 percent of his tutors have teaching certificates, and they are required to undergo extensive criminal background checks.

Spence touts the personalized service of these tutors, who work with students on their existing homework and, with the parents’ permission, speak with the student’s teachers about specific ways to help the student get on track.

Talking with the teacher “helps us understand the current curriculum and what’s coming up. A relationship between the tutor, the student, the parent and the teacher — all of those things work together to try to help the student improve.”

After the student and tutor work on homework, the tutor is able to go back and spend time working with the student on skills that may be lacking.

For instance, if a student is having trouble with ninth-grade math, that probably means he didn’t understand some components from seventh- or eighth-grade math. The tutor will take the time to go back and teach those building blocks, Spence said.

“What we really liked about this (program) is we go to the family and work around their schedule, which people really seem to like,” Spence said. As a parent of two children in Jeffco schools, Spence says he understands the time demands placed on families.

Tutor Doctor can help students from kindergarten through college in any subject. Some of the tutors are generalists, while others have specialized areas of expertise. If a student has a specific need, Spence will locate an appropriate tutor.

Other services include teaching adult learners specific skills such as a computer program and an online teaching service. Tutor Doctor uses online software that allows a student and tutor to communicate over the Internet in real time. The student can write something on the screen, and the tutor can immediately make corrections.

Typically, a student has a one-hour tutoring session each week. The cost ranges from $39 to $49 per hour. The great thing, Spence says, is that parents don’t need to factor in the travel cost or the cost of their time as they wait during the tutoring session.

To reach Spence at Tutor Doctor, call 303-679-3552 or e-mail rspence@tutordoctor.com. Check out the Tutor Doctor website at www.tutordoctor.com.

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