IREA customers experience power outage

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Leaning pole near Conifer High was culprit

By Daniel Laverty

More than 7,500 customers of the Intermountain Rural Electric Association were without power in the early and frigid hours of last Thursday.

“The outage affected customers from Aspen Park to about Shawnee,” said Josh Liss, spokesman for IREA. “We were able to fix the problem relatively quickly, so we didn’t need to activate loop service.”

The outage occurred when a guy-wire failed and allowed a pole to lean and make contact with other poles and conductors near Conifer High School, Liss said. A guy-wire is a nonconducting metal wire that stabilizes a power pole.

Liss said the outage occurred between 1:45 and 5:30 a.m.

“This is something that doesn’t happen very often,” Liss said. “(But) during low temperatures, outages are a reality.”

Liss said IREA hadn’t received any damage claims from business or residential customers.

“We understand what an inconvenience this was, especially in such cold weather,” Liss said. “We’re thankful our linemen were out there in that cold of weather working on it.”

IREA customers can report outages by visiting www.intermountain-rea.com or calling 303-674-6879.

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