If it is broke, then by all means, please fix it

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By Jim Rohrer

Over the past few months we have pointed out in several articles that the uncompromising positions of both parties have  led to frustration with Congress and lack of progress towards solving our serious national problems.
According to the feedback I have gotten from many of you, we have been successful in developing common sense solutions to creating jobs, dealing with our current and future energy needs, fiscal policy and even immigration policy. Each solution fell in between the rigid, dug in approaches of the two parties. Itís clear to most of us that the parties and their narcissistic focus is the real problem. I would be so bold as to state that Governor Romneyís recent rise in the polls is because he came across as someone less committed to his partyís dogmatic positions and willing to ìreach across the aisleî.
So now the question is, what can we everyday folks do about the lack of willingness of our politicians to focus on solving problems rather than promoting their partyës narrow view?
I invite you to go on line and look up an organization named No Labels. This is an organization of Republicans, Democrats and Independents all dedicated to a single proposition:  ìWe want to help move America from the old politics of point scoring toward a new politics of problem solving.î
Have you ever thought, ìI donít want to vote for either of these candidates,î but the two mediocre choices were the only choices?  Open primaries, a procedure No Labels promotes, has produced candidates with broader voter appeal in open primary states. The parties hate this idea because it reduces their ability to select candidates on the basis of party loyalty. They scare us by alleging that crossover voters would select less qualified candidates. ReallyÖ.would you do that with your vote?  
Open primaries is on the ballot in Arizona and the polls show that it will win approval.
Another No Labels idea is to enact the law that if Congress passes no budget, they get no pay. Donít you think that would get the lawmakers attention and help them substitute solutions instead of impasse?  
No Labels also wants to:
Get rid of the filibuster
Keep attendance records for lawmakers and insist that they come to work
Schedule monthly bipartisan gatherings in Washington
Assign committee chairs based on expertise rather than seniority
Have presidential appointees receive an up or down vote within 90 days
Require the President to meet regularly with Congressional members   
How about these whacky ideas? They make sense to me, but what do I know?  I have the nutty idea that solving the countryís problems is more important than party politics and dogmatically holding on to ideology. We are Americans before we are liberals or conservatives or party members.
Thanks for reading my political ideas over the last few months. Donít forget to vote.

Jim Rohrer of Evergreen is a business consultant and author of the bi-books “Improve Your Bottom Line … Develop MVPs Today” and “Never Lose Your Job … Become a More Valuable Player.” Jim’s belief is that common sense is becoming less common. (More about Jim at www.theloyaltypartners.com.)