Ice Melt Barrel gets wet

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Firefighters rescue Evergreen icon from lake; winners to be announced

By Deb Hurley Brobst

The Ice Melt Barrel hit water in Evergreen Lake on Friday, March 28, and members of sponsor Mountain Foothills Rotary watched Saturday as two Evergreen firefighters took to the ice to retrieve it.

The firefighters donned wetsuits and found they could walk on the ice to the barrel. So they put it back on its stand and dragged it to shore to the applause of fellow firefighters and onlookers, some enjoying the beautiful weather as they walked around the lake.

It will be about a week before Rotary announces the winner of the contest, in which participants guess the day and time the barrel touches the water, according to Rotary member Cindy Duffy, who is co-chair of the event.

First place wins $1,000, second place gets $500, third place $250, and fourth place $125.

The barrel was placed on the lake on Jan. 7.

The event proceeds go to Evergreen Christian Outreach, the Evergreen Park and Recreation District’s Special Needs Program, and Crutches 4 Africa, an organization that supplies mobility equipment to impoverished countries on that continent. Last year, Rotary distributed more than $15,000 to the organizations.

March 28 is a pretty average date for the barrel to touch water. In the last eight years, the earliest has been March 5, and the latest has been April 12.