Gobbling all the way: EChO’s fifth annual Turkey Trot sees record attendance

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By Sandy Barnes

“Way to go!” announcer Michelle Parker called to participants crossing the finish line at the annual Turkey Trot in Evergreen on Thanksgiving Day.

Standing in the bright sunshine, people were basking in the morning glow of the event, which raised $7,000 for Evergreen Christian Outreach, an interfaith organization that assists the needy.

Liz Hawkins, one of the Turkey Trot organizers, was smiling broadly as she said that this year’s event was the biggest, having grown tenfold in participation over the past four years. Hawkins started the event after moving to Evergreen and becoming involved with EChO.

More than 500 people signed up for the 3-mile course around Evergreen Lake, including the Andrews family, which participated for the first time.

“We just did our first race,” said Chip Andrews, who participated with his wife, Janet, and sons Curran and Grayson. “It was great. It was a lot of fun.”

Tom Southcott, another first-time trotter, rode a giant stuffed ostrich that he'd specially ordered from France. He said he did it for the laughs.

“People are smiling and happy. That’s what it’s all about,” said Southcott.

Sam Sahli and Jeffrey Cook emerged as the overall winners of the event, with times of 19 minutes each. Cat Moss followed closely with a time of 20 minutes.

Pies were awarded to winners, including the first dogs to cross the finish line. Canines Dustin and Tula clocked in at 27 minutes.

The Ocasek family also received a pie for placing first in the best costume contest, with dad Kyle dressed as a turkey and his kids as pilgrims.

Phyllis Stovall said she probably came in last in the event — but that was just fine with her.

“I had a fabulous time,” she said.

Turkey Trot winners

Boys and men

Up to age 10: Cameron Payne, 24 minutes

11-20 years: Sam Sahli, 19 minutes

21-30 years: Jeffrey Cook, 19 minutes

31-40 years: Alex Roberts, 20 minutes

40-50 years: Steve Fossel, 26 minutes

51-60 years: Roy Grosbach, 23 minutes

60 and over: Rob Wesson, 24 minutes

Girls and women

Up to age 10: Grace Nemeth, 29 minutes

11-20 years: Cat Moss, 20 minutes

21-30 years: Devin Barth, 26 minutes

31-40 years: Amy Hoseth, 23 minutes

41-50 years: Christine Adamowski, 22 minutes

51-60 years: Amy Maddox, 26 minutes

60 and over: Katie Krieves, 31 minutes