Girl and dog enjoy first race together

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By Dan Johnson

EVERGREEN — Running, or any form of exercise, is typically more enjoyable when you have someone to share the experience with.

Abby Bond likes to run. She also likes her 11 year-old dog, Sasha.

About a month ago, the 14 year-old Bond combined her two interests. The results were magic.

The duo set out a couple of times a week on runs that would go around three miles. On the non-running days, Bond and her trusty sidekick made sure to at least get in a quality walk.

On July 4, Bond and Sasha entered their first-ever race. Taking part in the Freedom Run 5k, the pair crossed the finish line in just over 35 minutes. Not to shabby for an old pup like Sasha.

“She did good,” Bond said of her dog. “She kept up with me the whole time and even pulled me a little on the downhill parts.”

Bond said that bringing along Sasha on a few runs a week has made the exercise more enjoyable.

Sasha, for her part, was more interested in watching the crowd of runners and spectators than conducting an interview. She stood by her master the entire time, but clearly her thoughts were somewhere else.

Likely, she was looking for something to drink.

Thankfully, volunteers at the Freedom Run thought ahead and strategically placed water bowls, labeled specifically for dogs, on the ground.

Bond also had her mind on things other than running. She said that after leaving the race, her family was headed out on a boat at Chatfield Reservoir to enjoy the remainder of the holiday.

Bond said that she was unsure if she and Sasha would participate in anymore organized races this year. One thing she was certain of, though, was that the group runs (which also include mom, Krista) would continue.

“As long as (Sasha) is feeling good, I’ll keep taking her with me,” Bond said.

Dan Johnson is the sports editor for Evergreen Newspapers. He and his dog, Misty, also make their way out for a run or two a week. Contact him at 303-933-2233, ext. 15 or by e-mail at sports@evergreenco