Giants fan takes loss in stride

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By Dan Johnson

As soon as the 2009 NFL schedule was released, I knew I had to find my way to Invesco Field this season.

The New York Giants come to town only so often, and I understood that if I didn’t seize the opportunity to see my favorite team play in my own backyard, I probably would have to wait a long time for them to return.

My initial Internet search for tickets proved disappointing but thankfully, a co-worker at the Courier has season tickets and offered me a golden opportunity to use them to see the Giants take on the Broncos on Thanksgiving night.

Surprisingly, when we stepped off the Park-and-Ride bus in the Invesco Field parking lot, we saw people — a lot of people — wearing Giants colors. A good omen, I figured. Boy, was I wrong about that.

After breezing through the security check, we made our way to our section, which was really, really close to the field. We were exactly seven rows back in the north end zone and the view was amazing.

Watching the players warm up, I was taken aback at how large these guys are. Television really doesn’t do the game justice. The players are in a word: huge.

Television also doesn’t accurately capture the noise inside the stadium. When the Giants had the ball near our end zone in the first quarter, you could literally feel the ground shaking underneath you as the Broncos fans made enough noise to force Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, to call a timeout.

I think fans all take for granted a basic 4-yard run but when you watch the game in person, you really see how hard the offensive line works to make a hole and how the running back needs to have the vision to find an opening that may be not where the play was designed to go.

Oh, and Brandon Marshall’s one-handed grab was even more impressive in person than watching it on an HDTV. How he came down with that ball, I’ll never know.

So yes, the Giants lost and lost badly. I still enjoyed myself and appreciated the opportunity to watch a professional game up close and in person.

Hopefully if and when the Giants return to Invesco, they actually show up.