Get your legs ready to ride

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By Dan Johnson

Last summer I spent a good portion of time on my mountain bike.

I rode single tracks, paved trails and plenty of local bike paths.

I also made a point to ride my bike to work at least twice a week. It was one of the most enjoyable things I did in all of 2008.

Aside from saving money on gas (and get ready folks, those prices are climbing again), those rides to work were a great stress-reliever for me as I was able to really sit back and enjoy all the beautiful scenery here in the Foothills, instead of worrying about if the car in front of me was going to actually accelerate through the traffic light and not ride the brakes.

On June 24, a week from today, has been declared the 2009 Bike to Work Day. Last year, nearly 35,000 people got out of their cars and onto their bikes and commuted to work.

I hope to see that number increase this year. I know I will be adding to the total as I missed last year’s event due to being out of town on vacation. The Bike to Work Day is really a nice set up, as there are breakfast stations set up all over the state where you can stop, grab a bite to eat (or just some water) before making your final push to the office.

Anyone that chooses to participate can visit www.drcog.org/btwd2009/ for more information. At the site, you can register to bike to work (don’t worry, it’s free) and you’ll automatically be entered into drawings that could net you some sweet prizes.

Hopefully I’ll see a few of you out on the roads June 24.

Before I go, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk a little about the crazy weather we’ve had the past two weeks.

First we get hit with a cold front, knocking temperatures down into the 50’s and 60’s. Next, we’ve had daily thunderstorms for what seems like the past week.

I grew up in New York and lived in Florida for four years. The past two weeks have felt more like I’ve been splitting time between those two states than living in Colorado.

I’m sure the weather will stabilize itself soon (we’re supposed to be in the mid-80’s this weekend) and we can all get back to enjoying the best months of this beautiful state of ours.