Flea market targets local vendors, customers

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

The weather was beautiful Saturday for the first day of what might be the first-ever Kittredge flea market.

More than a half-dozen vendors displayed their wares in the west parking lot of the former Evergreen Nursery on Highway 74 in Kittredge. A steady trickle of people strolled through the lot to check out the offerings, which ran the gamut from books, CDs and records to furniture, bicycle tires and jams.


There was food from a CJ’s Chicago Style Hotdogs and music by the band My Friend Tom.

Though small on its first weekend, the flea market has the makings for a big gathering place in the foothills, said Dave Dix of Evergreen, who came up with the flea market idea.

“This weekend was really kind of an experiment to see what kind of interest we can generate on this site,” Dix said. “We don’t have anything like this up in this neighborhood. If you wanted to go to a big flea market, you have to go to Commerce City.”

For now, there’s no cost to have a booth at the flea market, and Dix said he hopes families who might need a little extra cash during tough economic times can use the market as a way to sell household items they don’t need anymore.

“I was actually hoping for people who are trying to clean out their basements or sheds,” he said.

He figures a flea market would be better than individual garage sales because everyone is in the same place, which should generate more potential buyers.

He’s hoping to keep the vendors local — from Bergen Park to Conifer, Morrison to Idaho Springs. He doesn’t want the flea market to turn into an arts-and-crafts fair or a commercialized market. He envisions local people selling things to local people.

Susi Sciafani decided to put up a table at the flea market after seeing a sign on her way home. She brought a variety of items and said was surprised when people snapped up the long underwear, gloves and old purses she displayed.

Joni Cucino and Nancy Martinez checked out the items at the market and then asked Dix for information about a booth of their own. They said they had some antiques they would be interested in selling.

Barbara Phelps, who makes and sells Barbara’s Jammin’ Jellies, said she thought she’d try a booth at the flea market. She sells her jellies at fairs such as Bailey Days and the Rhubarb Festival in Pine. She had samples for passers-by.

Dix is looking for food vendors and musicians interested in participating in the festival. He can be contacted at 720-244-0603.

“I would like this to work in a big way,” Dix said. “This could be great for the community.”


The next flea market will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. July 18 in the west parking lot of the former Evergreen Nursery on Highway 74 in Kittredge. For booth information, contact David Dix at 720-244-0603.