Fellow Brownie inspires troop’s sweet gesture

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Girls give cookies to doctors, nurses taking care of Kaymen Story

By Deb Hurley Brobst

Sometimes Evergreen’s hometown heroes aren’t necessarily in Evergreen.

For Brownie Girl Scout Troop 3110, this year’s hometown heroes were at Children’s Hospital. The Bergen Valley third-grade girls recently honored the doctors and nurses in the hospital’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders who have been taking care of troop member Kaymen Story.

Kaymen was diagnosed last September with a bone cancer called osteosarcoma. Since then, Kaymen has been through chemotherapy several times and surgery to remove the malignant bone tumor on her left radius near her wrist.

About a half-dozen Brownies presented the medical staff with 190 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. They also toured an area in the hospital where Kaymen stayed during her treatments.

Each year, the troop picks a hometown hero to give cookies to. In the past, it’s been groups such as firefighters and sheriff’s deputies, according to troop leader Amy Holyfield. This year, the troop leaders gave the girls an option of giving cookies to Children’s Hospital.

“We gave the girls several options,” Holyfield said, “and they unanimously picked Children’s Hospital.”

The cookies were purchased with money donated from Evergreen residents. The girls sell cookies outside local grocery stores every spring, and oftentimes they get donations from people who don’t want the cookies. The girls use that money to buy cookies to honor a hometown hero.

Holyfield said it was a treat for the girls to see where Kaymen stayed in the hospital.

“There was a roomful of doctors and nurses who accepted the cookies,” Holyfield said.
“(The Brownies) were in awe of the number of people who take care of Kaymen.”

Kaymen, who was at a Girl Scout meeting last week, said she was happy that the Scouts gave cookies to the medical staff.

“It felt good,” Kaymen said. “I thought the nurses deserved it. They really did.”

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