Family on Cub Creek stranded when driveway washed out

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

Evergreen residents living along Cub Creek saw their fair share of high water levels and flooding.

Susan Rose, who lives at 6856. S. Brook Forest Drive, said sheriff’s deputies knocked on her door after midnight Friday, suggesting that she and her husband, Keith, leave their house because their driveway was gone.

“We thought we had high water,” Susan said, “but we couldn’t believe what we saw when we went to the end of our driveway.”

The culvert was standing on end, looking like a submarine, she said. Countless people had stopped along the road to look at it and take photos.

Their vehicles were stranded, and they had to climb a rocky slope to their neighbor’s house to reach the road. Another neighbor provided a car for them to use.

The Rose family has lived in Evergreen for 20 years, but they moved to this home a month ago because they loved the house, the property and the creek.

They just put in an asphalt driveway, a good share of which was ruined.

“I still love the creek,” Susan said. “This is just something that happened. We’ll get it fixed.”

— Deb Hurley Brobst