Exhibit will let local art lovers say hello to Dali

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By Sara Miller

Artist Salvador Dali was best known as the leader of the surrealist movement in the 1930s. But actually, Dali’s career spanned almost 60 years and represented four styles in art history: impressionism, cubism, surrealism and classical. “Dali on Tour,” a one-of-a-kind exhibit of his work, opens Friday, Jan. 27, at the Center for the Arts Evergreen. For newcomers to the work of Dali, it provides an introduction to the deep imagination and showmanship of the Spanish artist. For those who knew the work of this master well, it offers an opportunity to view rarely seen Dali works right here in Evergreen.
In the past several years, the Center for the Arts has had as its mission showing artwork by local and regional artists, but also bringing blockbuster traveling exhibits to Evergreen.
“We want to initiate a dialogue about art history,” says Becky Guy, the center’s director of events and exhibits. “Last year, we hosted the ‘Abstract Delight’ show with over 30 works by modern and contemporary artists from the CU-Boulder Art Museum’s permanent collection. Now we are so lucky to bring a show of this caliber, the Dali show, to Evergreen.”
“Dali on Tour” consists of 31 photographic reproductions of works from the permanent collection of the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Fla.
The exhibit is a retrospective of Dali’s work, beginning with several impressionist and cubist pieces painted during his university years. Visitors will enjoy learning about Dali’s time at the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid and the remaining panaroma of his life and work with the help of informative placards near each piece.
The show highlights Dali’s surrealist canvases, the period for which he is best known. His painting “The Persistence of Memory,” with the melting watches, is still one of the best-known surrealist works in history. What many may not know is that Dali, due to his apolitical views and disagreement with Andre Breton, the founder of the surrealist movement, was expelled from the group in 1934. He continued to create in the surrealist style until 1940, when he moved to the United States and declared himself a classical painter, creating canvases that explored his fascination with religion and science.
In conjunction with the “Dali on Tour” show, the Center for the Arts Evergreen will host a free brown-bag lunch lecture on Feb. 1 lead by Evergreen artist Jean Sharer. Sharer will also conduct a class on Feb. 8 called Dali’s Dream. The class will be a lecture/discussion of surrealism centering on Dali but including other surrealists such as Magritte, Meret Oppenheim, Max Ernst, and Frida Kahlo.
The opening reception for “Dali on Tour” will be Friday, Jan. 27, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Center for the Arts Evergreen. The show will run through March 1. For more information, call 303-674-0056 or visit www.evergreenarts.org.

Sara Miller, a freelance writer and a resident of Evergreen, lives with her husband, two children and a dog.