Evergreen Wellness offers a palette of healing arts

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

A plethora of healing arts are in one place in Bergen Park.
Wellness Evergreen Healing and Learning Center has close to a dozen practitioners with a wealth of experience in everything from massage therapy to clinical hypnotherapy to nutritional consulting and homeopathy.
The center, which opened in February in the Elk Bridge Center next to the Buchanan Park Rec Center, is the brainchild of Cherie Peterson, a massage therapist, spiritual counselor and meditation facilitator.
“I have a whole group of friends who have done their practices for 20 to 30 years,” Peterson said. “Most of us had moved our practices to our homes to save money. Then we all at the same time decided to create a center. We have gathered together some of the most incredible practitioners anywhere. They are caring, giving and intuitive, and already have helped thousands of people in their practices.”
Each practitioner works on the physical, emotional, mental and physical aspects of each client.
“We are all pretty eclectic,” Peterson said. “We all have an understanding there are many paths to the truth.”
Peterson formerly operated a healing arts center on Lookout Mountain.
The practitioners have a wealth of education and experience. For example, Aleia Schaum is a brainwave optimization technician, while Christine Pollock is a transformational healing practitioner and a spiritual, health and wellness retreat leader.
Allyn Breech has a doctorate in natural medicine as it relates to quantum physics, and she is also a reiki master. Mary Ricci is a registered dietitian with practices in holistic diets and as a pediatric nutrition specialist.
The center, the practitioners and their specialties are listed at the group’s website, www.wellnessevergreen.com.
To make an appointment, call 720-544-7090 or e-mail wellnessevergreen01@gmail.com.

Suzie’s Café opens in North Evergreen
Suzie’s Café is opening this week in North Evergreen, serving home-cooked breakfasts and lunches.
Café owner and chef Susan Darcy will be serving up menu items such as omelettes, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and grits for breakfast. The lunch menu has a lot of sandwiches, including some that she served when she ran the deli in the Genesee Conoco station.
The BB King, for example, consists of roast beef, bacon, brie cheese, onion and lettuce.
Darcy is planning gluten-free and vegetarian options.
Friday’s lunch special will always be a barbecue pulled-pork sandwich with potato salad.
“My goal is fresh, local food that is reasonably priced,” Darcy said. She’s planning to keep menu items under $10.
The restaurant is on Bergen Parkway, taking over space that was occupied by the Overseas Café. She’s planning to keep the kids’ play area that had been popular for her predecessor.
“I believe that opportunities have a shelf life,” Darcy said. “You go for them while you can because new opportunities don’t always come around.”
Darcy has been around food all her life, starting with canning vegetables as a child. She created a salsa that eventually was carried by Whole Foods, and she worked in large-volume food manufacturing.
The artwork on the wall is by local artist Steve Tracy, and shelves display food items such as hot sauces for sale.
Darcy said she’s going for a homey, warm feeling in the restaurant.
Suzie’s Café will be open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. seven days a week.

Grateful Bread adds retail hours
Grateful Bread Co., a family-owned bakery that formerly was located in Evergreen, has opened a retail outlet one day a month in Golden.
The bakery, which makes handmade, all-natural artisan breads, will be open the first Saturday of the month at 425 Violet St. in Golden. In addition to breads, it will sell pastries and cinnamon rolls.
Grateful Bread continues to provide bread for Willow Creek in Evergreen. Its owners, Kathy Mullen and Jeff Cleary, have been Evergreen residents for 18 years.
To pre-order items, e-mail gratefulbread@att.net or call 303-681-5406, or visit www.gratefulbreaddenver.com.

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