Evergreen sign company owner questions park district bid selection

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By Sandy Barnes

 Zuni Sign owner Ed Bischoff is wondering why his company was not chosen for an Evergreen Park and Recreation District project.

The Al Lenzi Group of Lakewood will be creating 14 signs for district parks for $64,819. Bischoff’s bid was $64,993 for the project — an amount he says is not a significant difference.

“My take is that the award was made because of personal preference, and not necessarily what is best for the community,” said Bischoff.

“If you have a company up here that can do the work, you have to find a way to build relationships,” he added.

EPRD executive director Scott Robson said it’s important to have competitive bids on projects and to select contractors that can produce the best work. 

“It’s not a foregone conclusion that we’ll give it to a local business,” said Robson. “We look at the quality of the presentation and how well the contractor can work with staff.”

For the bid process that Bischoff is questioning, nine requests for proposals were sent out to companies, Robson said. Four bids came back, including ones from Lenzi and Bischoff. The lowest bid was $62,186 from Artcraft Signs, and the highest was $87,255 from Boyd Design.

Robson said the park district does make an effort to award contracts to local companies and has spent $300,000 this year with Evergreen contractors.

“We really work hard to spend locally,” said Robson.

Robson also said that in the past two years, Zuni has received $20,000 for banners created for the district and other work.


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