Evergreen needs to live local, shop local

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Community Voices

By Ron Isaacson
Evergreen is a town where people act to meet a challenge … head on! This year, we came together to support those who survived the flood, unforeseen disruption to their workplace or life.
We’ve come together to rally for a cause and pool our energies for the common good. Evergreen is such an amazing place that was just recognized nationally as one of the top five small towns in the country to retire in. It was praised as a place where residents have worked hard to make their dreams a reality and can ease back and enjoy the good life.
Therein lies a challenge to the residents of Evergreen
The reality is, there are hundreds of people in Evergreen whose dream led them to build a business here and be of service to this community. I refer to those friends and neighbors who work their dream and give back to the community daily.
These are small, independent entrepreneurial business owners who, while nurturing their businesses, add tremendously to the flavor and fervor of Evergreen. These businesses, to survive and flourish, rely on those they serve to support their dream.
These are the folks that provide goods, services, necessities and niceties that enhance and anchor this community. These are the people without whom Evergreen would not be a small town but a scattered patchwork of homes on a hillside.
The reality in this day and age is that most small independent entrepreneurial businesses across the country have little financial security, struggle monthly and face an uncertain future. In a mountain community like Evergreen it’s even harder and comes with an added obligation while working their dream: providing an environment in which residents can live theirs.
This season and throughout next year you will be seeing banners saying “Live Local, Shop Local, Evergreen.” To some residents, this is offered as a wake-up call; to others, it’s offered as a gentle but sincere reminder to live and shop local.
The challenge we put to you: Let Evergreen be known as one of the top small towns in the country where an entrepreneur can pursue and live her dream.
Evergreen is a community ripe with singularly unique shopkeepers, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, health practitioners, artists, writers, bakers and music makers. Please support those and other service providers who give fully of themselves to our small town. Return the favor and remind others to “Live Local, Shop Local, Evergreen.”

Ron Isaacson is the director of “Our Evergreen,” a concerned group of two-dozen-plus leaders of the major local nonprofit and for-profit organizations based in Evergreen working to solidify support for marketing efforts of all Evergreen organizations and businesses.