Evergreen native has business — and your car — running smoothly

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

Sandy Kidd knows her way around vehicles.

Over the years, the Evergreen native has worked locally at NAPA Auto Parts, Morse Auto Body, D&J Towing, Jeff’s Auto Repair and Tom’s Auto Clinic, doing a little bit of everything from towing vehicles to managing the office to wrenchin’, which includes basic auto maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations.

Now she’s taken those experiences, plus some management training, and put all of it to use as the owner of Parkway Auto Repair on Evergreen Parkway. As a female owner of an auto repair shop, she prides herself on catering to women, taking the time to explain to them what needs to be done to their vehicles.

However, she’s also won over some men, who have found she really does know her way around cars.

For Kidd, 53, her life, especially one in a business that is predominantly male, has been pretty bumpy. Yet she doesn’t dwell on the negative. She figures she’s learned from all of her experiences and keeps moving forward.

At her repair shop, everyone is a friend. She hugs some of her clients as they get out of their cars. She always carries two phones, moving from answering a question from a client to solving an issue with a part that hasn’t arrived to managing paperwork.

She’s surrounded herself with a group of mechanics who enjoy working for and with her. As a sign of how long she’s been in the community, she used to baby-sit one of her techs, Evan Crumm.

“I really enjoy Sandy,” Crumm said. “She’s very good at what she does. She’s the friendly voice that you get when you call.”

He said it’s less stressful to work for a woman because Kidd is easy to communicate with.

“She’s better at explaining to customers what needs to be done on their cars, especially since most of our customers are women,” Crumm said. “They enjoy the way she explains everything.”

Kidd grew up with her mom, stepfather and three siblings in a home on Little Cub Creek Road. She attended Wilmot Elementary School and Evergreen Junior High before attending Open Living High School. When she was 16, her stepfather died, so she earned her GED and worked to help her mom support the rest of the family.

She had wanted to be a veterinary technician or a physical therapist. Then her mom was overcharged by an unscrupulous auto mechanic in Denver. On that day, Kidd switched gears and decided to work in the auto mechanic business because she felt it was unfair that women were taken advantage of by some mechanics.

Her family has had a huge influence on her life, and she wears a ring on her right hand that her mom gave her the night she died from complications of lymphoma. The ring is made of the stones from her grandparents’ wedding rings.

Now, she lives in Evergreen with her three cats, and she works occasionally with a friend at a business they started called Claim Jumpers Firewood. She’s a huge Broncos fan, loves to travel to Mexico, and she has a special place in her heart for kids and animals.

Kidd’s dream is to win the lottery and to open what she has named Sandy’s Sandy Resort in Evergreen. She’d have an indoor version of a sand beach and would keep the temperature between 80 and 85 degrees. It would be a place for people of all ages to come and relax.

“Ya gotta take care of everybody,” she says, and her dream resort, just like her auto repair shop, would do just that.

Evergreen North owners return to management

Evergreen North shopping center has returned to its roots.

The Robert G. Hammond family, which has owned the property south of the post office for years, has taken over management. The family wants to breathe new life into the center, which now houses several businesses, including Evergreen Christian Outreach’s thrift and furniture stores, the Kitchen and Bath Center, Shipping Depot, Artful Journey School of Fine Arts and Yoga by Tysu.

The owners hope to add several food vendors along the parking lot, according to Bob Peterson, an Evergreen North consultant.

“We’d like to see possibly as many as five or six food-cart vendors,” Peterson said. “It would be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to set up a food cart on the premises. Our tenants would like it, and it’s a good spot because there’s a lot of activity in the parking lot.”

Anyone interested in setting up a food cart should contact Peterson at 303-670-5660.

Spark Fitness expands

Spark Fitness has expanded on Bryant Drive, offering a variety of fitness classes including Zumba.

But the fitness studio is more than just Zumba, according to owner Laura Grissom. It’s about offering a wide range of classes for customers to get an overall workout.

Spark Fitness has partnered with Kinetic Arts Dance Studio and Kinetic Arts owner Betsy Hoffman, who has owned the dance studio for five years.

Spark Fitness opened Sept. 1, 2011, and it recently expanded its workout space.

“First and foremost, it’s amazing to me the results that people are getting,” said Grissom, who has been teaching both dance and fitness for years. “Even bigger than that, I see how happy my students are. You take one hour a day for yourself — how good it is for happiness and self-worth.”

Spark Fitness is at 30746 Bryant Drive, Unit 404. For more information, visit www.yoursparkfitness.com.

New subdivision begins sales near El Rancho

The Vistas at Evergreen, a new multifamily residential project, is ready to be shown.

The 22 single-family homes on 11 lots will be on the ridge east of Walmart in El Rancho on Tepees Way.

While there are two homes per lot, these are not duplexes, because they don’t share a wall. Each home will have three bedrooms, five baths, two-car garages and a rooftop deck. Prices start at $450,000.

The project is noteworthy, according to Barbara Wingate of Remax Alliance Evergreen, because it’s the first multifamily residential project in Evergreen in several years.

She said the homes have an innovative design, and several models are available so people can see them.

Wingate is co-listing the properties with Cindy Detlefs of Remax Alliance Colorado of Evergreen.

The real estate agents are hosting an open house from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 13, and from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 14. For more information, call Wingate at 303-670-6368.

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