Evergreen CEO to appear on 'Undercover Boss'

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By Sandy Barnes

PostNet CEO and Evergreen resident Steve Greenbaum got a unique look at his organization while participating in the TV series “Undercover Boss” recently.

In the episode, which airs on CBS stations Friday, Dec. 7, at 7 p.m., Greenbaum is disguised as a longhaired, former motorcycle shop owner named Brad.

Greenbaum said the producers of the show collaborated with him on the character he portrayed.

“I’m going to see it for the first time,” Greenbaum said of the episode.

During the filming, Greenbaum worked in PostNet centers around the country in a variety of tasks ranging from designing marketing collateral to outside sales and marketing of services to local business owners. 

Along the way, Greenbaum said he heard the personal struggles of employees, and the challenges faced by some franchisees that aren’t following the company’s recently implemented new business center model. 

“Going undercover gave me an unprecedented opportunity to get a sense of how the decisions we’ve made at the executive level have affected our franchise owners, employees and customers,” Greenbaum said.

“It also became apparent that we could do a better job with communications.”

Each week, Undercover Boss, now in its fourth season, follows a different executive as the person takes on an undercover mission to examine the inner workings of a company. Greenbaum’s PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers provide marketing services and specialize in meeting the design, printing and shipping needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Since founding PostNet in 1993, Greenbaum has worked to bring the franchise from its origins as a mail and parcel store to a full business center, providing small-business owners with relevant services. 

Greenbaum, along with co-founder Brian Spindel, built the PostNet franchise system from the ground up and have remained involved in all aspects of the company’s operations. 

Several years ago Greenbaum moved the company headquarters from Las Vegas to Denver and settled in Evergreen with his family.

“We fell in love with Evergreen,” he said.

He has a daughter, Alexandria Greenbaum, who attends Evergreen High School.