Evergreen carved its way into sculptor’s heart

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Beauchamp believes local artists, and their art, could propel the town

By Stephanie DeCamp

An Evergreen sculptor who found his muse in our mountain town hopes to carve a bigger spot for Evergreen on the national arts scene.

Errol Beauchamp, a 22-year local resident, left his job as a corporate designer 12 years ago to focus on his art. He’s traveled and worked internationally but says Evergreen has the arts attributes needed to perform on the big stage.

“I would like to begin building energy that will transform Evergreen to one of the top two destination art centers in the country,” Beauchamp said. He believes that Evergreen can compete with national hot spots like Sedona, Ariz., or Santa Fe, N.M.

“There is no other community in the lower 48 states that has all the benefits and lifestyle provided in Evergreen,” he said, adding that the diversity of the art and the artists themselves makes Evergreen unique.

Taking a different path

Beauchamp moved to Evergreen in 1993 while he was working at a design firm in downtown Denver, and he hasn’t regretted it.

“I think my art has become more personal to me here,” he said. “Because living in those big metro areas, it’s not quite as personal. Up here, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people, from church and working out at the rec center to being involved with the arts and Evergreen Fine Art. And it’s really brought me closer to how people think and connect with each other. I think it’s a lot closer knit up here.”

Beauchamp had wanted to be a sculptor since he was a child, and his wife finally signed him up for classes at the Art Students League of Denver, where he took night classes for two years before striking out on his own.

“Part of the process that got me here was my background in design,” he said. “I think that being a brand designer and designing everything from corporate identity to … brochures and package design really informed my skills, and made (my art) a lot stronger for me to move into this stage of my career.”

And while that career has spanned the world, now it’s primary focus is Evergreen.

“I think his work is fabulous,” said Kathy Boatman, manager of Evergreen Fine Art, which has a permanent installation of Beauchamp’s sculptures. “I think he’s a really talented sculptor, and you know he’s been around for a long time. I think he is well known in Evergreen, but he’s well known in the sculpting world as well.”

Nature, of which Evergreen has plenty, has always been Beauchamp’s first inspiration, he said, and ideally his art can help people get closer to nature themselves.

“We spend our time in buildings and cities and towns,” he said, “but we’re also always in the midst of nature. It’s like a game of twister: We always have one foot in each. … Art brings these things into focus, and makes you think about and appreciate what’s around us.”

You can see Beauchamp’s permanent installations at Evergreen Fine Art, Element 5280 in Greenwood Village, Terzian Galleries in Park City, Utah, and JRB Art in Oklahoma City.

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