Electrical cord probable cause of barn fire

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By Sandy Barnes

An investigation has found that the probable cause of a barn fire on Saturday night was the improper use of an electrical cord, Evergreen Fire/Rescue spokesperson Stacee Montague said.

Evergreen firefighters extinguished the blazing barn after receiving a call from a resident in Brook Forest, where the fire occurred.

More than 35 firefighters responded, including volunteer Chief Jeff Ashford, who lives in the neighborhood. The team contained the fire and kept it from spreading to surrounding trees and homes. The barn was an older wooden structure, and there was nothing firefighters could do to save it, Montague said.

The fire department dispatched 12 pieces of equipment to the scene and used 11,000 gallons of water to extinguish the blaze.

Because the fire took place near Fire Station 8 in Brook Forest, firefighters were able to access the water supply at the station. 

"We set up a merry-go-round system," said Montague. 

Tender trucks brought water to the scene and then returned to bring more for firefighters to use, she said.

Montague said wildland fire danger is still high, and that it was fortunate that Saturday was a cool, calm night. No one was injured during the fire.

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