EHS alumni reminisce about days gone by at old-timers reunion

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By Corinne Westeman

Evergreen High School old-timers weren’t going to let a little rain and cloudy skies keep them from having a good time.

Many EHS alumni from classes before the 1980s gathered at Evergreen Lutheran Church on Saturday afternoon to catch up with old friends, reminisce on the days when Evergreen was very much a small mountain town and have fun. Even if they didn’t graduate the same year, or even the same decade, many said they knew the other reunion attendees through their family members who’d been in their peer group.

Specific classes hosted smaller reunions throughout the weekend, but the combined reunion drew an estimated 55-60 attendees, which Jodey Anderson, class of 1973, said was smaller than previous years. He guessed that some people decided not to come because of the inclement weather, which kept the reunion inside, when it’s usually outside, he said.

Jack and Lois Arnold, classes of 1946 and 1954, respectively, drove from their Arvada home for the reunion, saying they don’t get to come as often as they’d like.

Jack said that he didn’t actually finish his schooling at EHS because he went into the military. Later, he met Lois through his sister-in-law, and the two have kept in touch with their friends over the years.

Lois described how she had just 29 people in her graduating class — eight boys and 21 girls.

As for the reunion, Lois said, “If you didn’t know them (the other graduates) before, it’s easy to get acquainted.”

Bobbie Brunton, class of 1975, who now lives in Littleton, recalled how Evergreen was the type of place where “you couldn’t get away with anything,” because it was such a close community.

Brunton said she had only been to about five old-timers reunions with her mother, as she normally goes to her class of 1975 reunions. But, on the whole, she misses living in Evergreen.

“It’s home for me. It will always be my home,” she continued, adding that she and her husband, Chuck Knowles, travel to Evergreen often to play volleyball, hike and canoe.

She reminisced how Evergreen Lutheran Church had once been her bus stop, adding that the community has grown a lot since she graduated.

Knowles, who’s not from Evergreen, said he’s heard a lot of stories about the community from coming to the reunions over the years.

“Everybody has stories about someplace,” he said. “There’s a story behind every corner and every building that people are willing to share.”

Brothers Harry and Jerry Griebling said they and their nine siblings all went to Evergreen High School, with Harry graduating in 1951 and Jerry in 1952. Harry traveled from Nebraska, and Jerry rode up from Arvada.

Jerry said he was also looking forward to his 65th anniversary reunion at El Rancho Brewing Co., the next day. With all the connections between the old-timer families, Jerry added that he was glad there are reunions to attend every year.

He also described how Evergreen was so small that everyone basically knew everybody else, saying, “I used to say, ‘If you saw someone you didn’t know in Evergreen, they were probably a stranger.’”