Dog day afternoon: Firefighter pulls pooches from pond's perils

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By Stephen Knapp

When you need to get your cat out of a tree, call a firefighter. Turns out that works with dogs and ponds, too.

About 1:30 p.m. Feb. 26, a pair of unlucky dogs were taking their constitutional outside Buchanan Recreation Center when, unwisely tasting the ice in the pond across from Evergreen Fire/Rescue’s station, they broke through and wound up in the drink. Trouble was, they couldn’t pull themselves back out.

A good-hearted passer-by alerted Evergreen Fire/Rescue, which dispatched ice rescuers with dispatch. According to EFR public information, the dogs were struggling and fading fast.

“Both dogs appeared exhausted as they clung to the side of the ice,” EFR spokesman Einar Jensen said. “Once into the water, (EFR Capt. Paul Rodgers) pushed both ailing dogs onto thicker ice and shepherded them to the walkway, where firefighters, paramedics and Jefferson County deputies furiously dried the pooches with blankets and towels.”

In short order, the firefighters had Kodiak and Mariah — the luckiest golden retrievers in Bergen Park — high and dry.

And, presumably, Kodiak’s and Mariah’s owner will appreciate the dogs’ good fortune. They can think about it while paying the fine for having the dogs off-leash.

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