Debut defeat doesn’t diminish Davis’ spirits

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By Matt Glass
For the Courier
DENVER — While his first professional mixed martial arts fight may have only lasted 1 minute, 37 seconds, Matt Davis is in it for the long haul.
Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, has been a growing sport of over the last couple of years, and Davis, a resident of Evergreen, is a newcomer to the scene. His first fight on Aug. 17 at the Red Lion Hotel was against Jon Vigil, who was also debuting for the Kick Down Mixed Martial Arts Association.
Davis’ fighting style has a background in karate and Moai Thai, a form of freestyle fighting that he has been training for the past three years.
In a world where people have told him that he can’t compete, Davis’ response is simply, “Why Can’t I?” His training is apparent in how he talks about the sport as well.  
“As long as I can control my anger and control my adrenaline, I can control the fight,” Davis said.
After losing his debut, Davis cited not controlling his adrenaline as the main cause for the defeat.
However, there were some bright spots. Davis looked in control of his opponent in the first minute before losing his footing and ultimately losing to a rear naked choke.
Even though his debut didn’t end up in victory, Davis was in great spirits and ready for his next fight.  
“I feel good,” Davis said in reaction to the fight. He kept telling himself to keep a level head.
His excitement for MMA is as strong as ever. And in a sport viewed by many as barbaric, Davis portrays great sportsmanship, as evidenced by his sincere congratulations to his opponent Vigil outside the arena.
For Davis, it’s one fight down, hopefully many more to go.