Construction at RMAE provides multipurpose room, more classrooms

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

The cast of Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen’s middle school musical, “The Pirates of Penzance,” has been able to practice in the school’s new multipurpose room.

The spacious room is part of a lower level that was added to the easternmost building of the school at 2959 Royale Elk Way.

The multipurpose room is used, for example, as a cafeteria, for school assemblies, for physical education classes and as a place for students to have recess when the weather is poor. And it also makes a good rehearsal room.

The 8,000-square-foot space also has classrooms for art, music, technology and Spanish, plus a teacher’s lounge and storage. Construction began in midsummer and was completed in December.

Moving what are known as specials classes into the lower level has freed up classroom space so each of the school’s three buildings has a special designation: upper elementary in building 1, lower elementary in building 2 and a middle school in building 3.

In addition, there was no cafeteria in the school’s three buildings, so students ate at their desks.

The changes enable the middle school to have more classroom space to accommodate elective classes and a new student commons area where kids can study, meet in small groups, watch middle-school-oriented programs and speakers, and work on school projects.

“This new space really shows that our school is building for the future and investing in strengthening our K-8 culture,” said Dan Cohen, RMAE director.