Cleanup moving along at Cactus Jack’s

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

There’s a whirlwind of activity at Cactus Jack’s Saloon as the owners and employees work to rebuild the landmark business at the corner of Highway 74/73 in downtown Evergreen.

The remnants of the deck that was demolished by the flooding caused by a week of incessant rains will be lifted out by a crane this week.

The old floor has been removed, and an electrician and plumber were expected early this week to make sure everything is working before inspections can take place.

Gary Mitchell, who co-owns Cactus Jack’s with his wife, Megan, said the insurance adjusters have given them six weeks to reopen the bar and an additional two weeks to have the deck rebuilt.

The landlord, Gary said, has hired the Cactus Jack’s employees to help with the cleanup.

Most of the kitchen equipment is lined up in front of the building with a sign that says, “Looting is bad for your karma,” and so far, Mitchell said, nothing has been stolen.

Dan Warden, the general contractor for the project, said he has been able to find subcontractors because rebuilding the saloon is a priority job.

“Everybody is putting their best foot forward,” Warden said.

Mitchell said the floodwater in the building was only a foot deep because of a crawl space under part of the bar. The water, which came in through the deck, escaped through the crawl space and back into Bear Creek.

The crawl space, which had 3 feet of silt in it, has been cleaned out.

The Mitchells have been inundated with offers of help, and he’s using the Cactus Jack’s Facebook page to keep volunteers apprised of opportunities. Others have offered to do fund-raisers to help the business and employees.

“We’re moving along,” Gary said.

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