Business group renewing push for downtown trail

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

The Evergreen Downtown Business Association is dusting off a plan to put a trail through downtown along Bear Creek.

The plan originally was created by Jefferson County Open Space and was updated as recently as 2008, according to Dean Dalvit with EVStudio. Dalvit serves on a committee formed by the business association to work on making the trail happen.

The committee has been named the Heart of Evergreen Revitalization Organization, or HERO for short.

The trail, called by Jeffco Open Space the Bear Creek Greenway and Trail, would connect Evergreen Lake eastward to other Jeffco Open Space trails.

“When we started talking about this at our first committee meeting, almost immediately, it had incredible enthusiasm,” Dalvit said. “We had people who were residents and other Evergreen business owners wanting to be involved.”

According to Dalvit, HERO has been told that the trail already has the support of the Open Space Advisory Committee to be funded, provided that there is 100 percent cooperation by property owners.

The issue for HERO will be to get all property owners to participate, Dalvit said. The stumbling block will be the granting of easements for the trail itself and construction easements so workers and equipment can get across the property.

He figured about 15 property owners would be involved, and he is not sure how many would already agree to the trail.

“Now we have a mission,” Dalvit said. The committee will research river walks in other communities to find out how they stimulated economic growth and will meet with property owners to persuade them to get on board.

“(HERO) will help facilitate meetings with owners, encourage them, provide whatever kinds of incentive to get them on board and move forward,” Dalvit said. “We have a pretty cool downtown already.”

He said other mountain towns have made major strides in stimulating their economies by creating river-walk trails.

“Right now, our immediate goals are to do our homework and not retrace steps,” he said.