Business’ new owners were given a sign

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

Mark Hollandsworth’s life is all about destiny.


It was destiny that made a deal in Joplin, Mo., fall through, so he didn’t move his sign business out of his home. It was destiny that spared his daughter from a tornado that tore through Joplin last year.

And, most importantly, it was destiny that brought him through Evergreen on vacation, where he met Chris and Sue Krieg, the owners of Evergreen Sign Co. The Kriegs sold Evergreen Signs to the Hollandsworths last month.

“Everything that has happened is beyond coincidence,” Hollandsworth said. “As I tell people, ‘I made a right turn (onto Meadow Drive), which has turned out to be the right turn in our lives.”

Sue Krieg called it serendipity, while Chris Krieg said they found a new owner to carry the torch.

“Evergreen Signs will live on,” Chris said. “We made sure someone took over our business who can build on our first-class reputation.”

Hollandsworth and his wife, Mashelle, have been in the sign business in Missouri for 26 years. Mark says they had a good clientele in their home-based business, but with the economic downturn in 2008, the couple felt they needed to move into a business space to be more visible and bring in more clients.

But the deal on the ideal space fell through.

Then, on May 22, 2011, their daughter, Missy, who was visiting friends in Joplin, was spared when a huge tornado hit, causing millions of dollars in damage and also destroying the building the Hollandsworths had wanted to rent for their business.

In August, Mark and Missy took a dad-daughter trip to Colorado, and they drove the Lariat Loop. They were heading up Highway 74 through Kittredge and on to Evergreen, when Mark took a right turn at Meadow Drive rather than going through downtown Evergreen. He saw the Evergreen Signs sign and decided to stop in.

“There was an instant connection,” he said. “We talked about my sign experience, and then Sue mentioned that the business was up for sale. I almost fell out of my chair. We had a deep desire to live in Colorado since we visited in 1984.”

It took nine months to work through the deal, which was signed May 7.

The rest of the Mark’s family, plus Mashelle’s parents, are relocating to Evergreen.

“I have to give credit where credit is due,” Mark said. “The Lord showed us what we needed to be doing. He provided the opportunities for us, one step after another.”

Mark says he’s met some nice people in Evergreen.

For the Kriegs, who are still working part-time at the shop to help acclimate Mark and Mashelle to the business, retirement means continuing to live in Evergreen but traveling during the winter months to avoid the snowy weather.

Plus, they will have more opportunities to enjoy the area’s summer activities, since for sign makers summer is the busiest season.

The Kriegs, who have lived here almost 23 years, said there’s no better place to live than Evergreen.

“There are more people willing to help others and more charity here than any other place in the world,” Chris said.

New owner remodels downtown salon

Mane Street Salon on the east end of downtown Evergreen has a new owner and a new look.

The salon, at 27925 Main St., went through wide-ranging renovations including new floors, a new coat of paint, remodeled bathroom and new cabinets. Now it has an entryway boutique with jewelry and other crafts, and two hairstylists: owner Shelley Petrilli and Nicky Craggs.

Evergreen residents Petrilli and Craggs are former salon owners, and they decided to collaborate in this new venture.

“There’s really good traffic here,” Petrilli said of the location. “We are in the middle of the goings-on in Evergreen.”

Because the shop is small, the stylists get to know their clients.

“The shop has a small, intimate feel,” said Craggs, who moved to Evergreen with her family from England a few years ago. “We get people coming in off the street.”

Craggs reiterated that working with hair is all about what the customer wants.

“At the end of the day, we do hair well,” Craggs said. “But we need to be able to communicate, so the customer is satisfied.”

The salon is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except Tuesdays and Sundays, and evening appointments are available. For more information, call 303-670-1533.

Evergreen-based Youth International offers fall trips

Evergreen-based Youth International offers young adults ages 18 to 25 the opportunity to travel to developing countries and become involved in their cultures.

Many who participate in the experiential learning program are recent high school graduates, said Youth International director Brad Gillings.

“We’re finding more in this country that it’s acceptable to take this gap year,” said Gillings.

This fall, groups will visit countries in South America and Asia, where they will live with local families and immerse themselves in daily activities. During their three-month stays, participants will do volunteer work, helping renovate schools and teaching English classes. They will also visit historic places of interest.

Traveling in teams of 14 with two full-time leaders, the youths on the South American trip will visit Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and the Galapagos Islands. Those on the Asian tour will visit Thailand, India and Nepal.

Cost of the trips starts at $9,950. 

For more information, call 720-270-3323 or visit www.youthinternational.org.

— Sandy Barnes