BREAKING NEWS: Fire engine rolls off road on Floyd Hill

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By Vicky Gits

A 1997 Evergreen Fire/Rescue fire engine rolled off a steep road on Floyd Hill on Tuesday, completed one whole revolution, and pancaked an empty, vintage 1969 Pontiac Firebird parked 25 feet below.

Neither the driver of the fire truck, Mike Weege, nor anyone else was hurt in the accident, which happened about 1 p.m. as the truck was heading downhill from a routine suspicious-odor call.

It went off the road above the home of Bill and Arnetta Vickery at 872 Ponderosa Drive, above Clear Creek High School.

Bill Vickery, the owner of the Firebird, was upset about the condition of his formerly drivable classic car, which he had been restoring since 1980.

Also damaged were a camper, a metal garage and a quad-wheel ATV parked behind the Firebird.

At 2 p.m., Allied Towing of Idaho Springs was on the scene with two tow trucks, attempting to lift up the truck, which weighs 48,000 pounds, and extricate the Firebird.

Evergreen Fire Chief Garry DeJong said it had been a bad day but it could have been a lot worse if somebody had been hurt or the truck had not been stopped by the parking platform underneath.

“He tried to move over to let a truck go by, and the asphalt gave way underneath the right wheels,” DeJong said. The chief was optimistic the truck could be driven away under its own steam, once it was free of the Pontiac.

Neighbors John and Karen Dobel of Hy Vu Drive said they have been trying to get the county to fix the road for years.

“They keep saying it’s a budget issue. Residents know not to put their wheels close to the white line,” Karen Dobel said.

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