Branding Evergreen

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Focus group explores ways to promote community

By Sandy Barnes

What’s in a name? Quite a bit, it seems.

A group of business and community leaders brainstormed ideas for branding Evergreen with an engaging slogan while meeting at the Center for the Arts on Dec. 11.

 “Our Evergreen” emerged as the apparent winner because of its inclusiveness.

Close runner-ups were “My Evergreen,” “Evergreen First” and “One Evergreen.”

Also popular was arts center director Steve Sumner’s suggestion to use “I (green heart logo) Evergreen” as a ticker slogan.

Sumner also mentioned a place in California with the slogan “The Last Home Town in America,” which he said was effective.

The litmus test for a banding name is that it is not already in use, said Dean Dalvit of EV Studio, who was representing Downtown Evergreen.

 Dalvit was not too keen on the initial suggestion of “Empower Evergreen.” The term “empower” connotes an underserved population, he said.

While exploring the “My Evergreen” possibility, Rachel Emmer of the Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability pointed to the need for appealing to Denver visitors.

“We can become Denver’s local outreach,” she said.

Emmer also said that she recently attended a workshop on the “10 percent shift” that focused on ways to encourage people to shop locally.

“Is this a shop-local program, or a program destined to bring visitors?” asked Kristie Melendez of EasyChair Media.

The group discussed ways to address the perception that shopping locally is a more expensive option for residents, many of whom commute to and from Denver.

Defining what Evergreen means is essential, said Lin Browning, president of the Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce.

“What does Evergreen mean to you?” could be the title of the campaign, she said.

Browning suggested a campaign contest for a tagline to accompany the primary slogan. Imagery is also needed, she said.

During the discussion, Emmer said it was important to get moving on this initiative.

“If we’re talking about a three- to five-year project, it could take a more strategic approach,” she said.

“While the goal is shop local, it is also building community pride,” said Dalvit.

Browning said one of her goals is uniting the business community, which tends to be divided into geographic enclaves, such as Bergen Park.

Nurturing cultural activities in Evergreen is also part of campaign plans for the coming year. Browning said she sees the community’s potential as an arts center that will draw visitors.


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