Actress Laura Dern visits Obama campaign office in Bergen Park

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By Sandy Barnes

Hollywood actress Laura Dern walked through the doors of the Obama campaign office in Bergen Park on Thursday afternoon with a smile on her face and words of support for the president.

“To me, the passion is greater than four years ago,” Dern said. “Four years ago, we said we have to have change, and that’s going to take eight years to get things changed.”

Dern commended the president for his focus on affordable health care, education and renewable energy, and for ending the war in Iraq.

While speaking to a gathering of volunteers working during the final days before the election, Dern encouraged them to keep up their efforts. 

“I know you may be getting tired,” she said. “I say, work harder.”

Although some people may think that the presidential election will not be a close race, Dern said she believes that it is.

”We’re all watching your state with such prayers,” she said.

Dean was visiting towns in Colorado for the day, and then returning to Los Angeles before continuing her campaign efforts in the Midwest.