4A all-conference spring sports

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The following are all-conference selections for the 4A/5A Jeffco League for the 2013 spring sports season:

400 freestyle relay: Jacob Stier, Kelly Huddleston, Santana Garcia, Zach Kugler, Chatfield; 100 backstroke: Grant Olsen-Stavrakas, Columbine; 50 freestyle: Mitch Kilgore, Conifer; 100 freestyle: Mitch Kilgore, Conifer; 200 medley relay: Alex Moreland, Daniel Graber, Jack Sbarbaro, Kevin Olson, D’Evelyn; 200 freestyle relay: Daniel Graber, Jack Sbararo, Josh Graber, Michael Feller, D’Evelyn; 100 breaststroke: Daniel Graber, D’Evelyn; 200 freestyle: Hayden Berg, Pomona; 100 butterfly: Hayden Berg, Pomona; 200 individual medley: Keegan Foulke, Pomona; 500 freestyle: Keegan Foulke, Pomona; 1-meter diving: Trent Kindvall, Standley Lake
200 freestyle relay: Jacob Stier, Santana Garcia, Travis Roundy, Zach Kugler, Chatfield; 1-meter diving: Matt Jagiello, Chatfield; 100 freestyle: Zach Kugler, Chatfield; 200 individual medley: Daniel Graber, D’Evelyn; 50 freestyle: Jack Sbarbaro, D’Evelyn; 100 butterfly: Jack Sbarbaro, D’Evelyn; 200 freestyle: Jack Sbarbaro, D’Evelyn; 200 medley relay: Hayden Berg, Keegan Foulke, Sean Connolly, Pomona; 400 freestyle relay: Bailey Michlette, Hayden Berg, Keegan Foulke, Sean Connolly, Pomona; 100 backstroke: Addison Coen, Ralston Valley; 500 freestyle: Eric Ung, Standley Lake; 100 breaststroke: Eric Ung, Standley Lake
50 freesyle: Santana Garcia, Chatfield; 100 butterfly: Santana Garcia, Chatfield; 200 freestyle: Zach Kugler, Chatfield; 200 individual medley: Ben Holland, Conifer; 100 backstroke: Ben Holland, Conifer; 400 freestyle relay: Josh Graber, Kevin Olson, Michael Feller, Sasha Moreland, D’Evelyn; 500 freestyle: Josh Graber, D’Evelyn; 100 freestyle: Michael Feller, D’Evelyn; 100 breaststroke: Alexander Kleinhans, Lakewood; 1-meter diving: Colin Shira, Lakewood; 200 medley relay: Alexander Kleinhans, Nick O’Dell, Porter Bennett, Todd Otto, Lakewood; 200 freestyle relay: Alexander Kleinhans, Jack Linder, Marco Borghi, Porter Bennett, Lakewood
MVP: Eric Ung, Standley Lake
COACH OF THE YEAR: Ron Johns, Chatfield
SPORTSMANSHIP: D’Evelyn, Chatfield, Columbine, Pomona